What is Paid Marketing Survey

Marketing surveys are no longer about persistent interviewers annoying us with questions we are reluctant to answer. Because now there are paid marketing surveys.

Yes, you get to earn when you share your thoughts and opinions on certain products as part of market researchers’ study on customer preferences. Read more from our guide.

Market research is an indispensable process for many businesses, particularly large businesses that are always on the lookout to improve its products or service, or offer something new to customers in order to keep pace or stay ahead with competitors. Drink makers, drug companies and software manufacturers are among the businesses that need constant and experimentation and customer input in order to come up with innovations and new offerings. And they are the companies that can pay to do realistic market studies not only to researchers but also to respondents.

Yes, large companies pay people to share their opinion and inputs regarding a particular product in order to improve it. Surveys are traditionally done through one-on-one interviews or telephone calls. But with the popularity of the Internet, many surveys are now done online. Even focus groups, where customers meet to discuss how to improve products, are already done online where participants get to enter chat rooms.

Market Survey Pay and Bonuses

These market surveys pay people anything from a dollar to $100 to participate on surveys. Sometimes, the incentives are tallied as redeemable points. A respondent gets cash, a gift certificate or redeemable gifts once they reach a certain number of points. Gifts could be as rewarding as iPods and laptops. There is another type of survey wherein customers receive and get to test the actual product, like software or foodstuff. There are also sweepstake promos wherein participants can win even larger amounts. They pay through Paypal or by check.

How to Participate in Paid Marketing Survey

In order to participate in this paid market surveys, you have to register your personal information in order for the researchers to evaluate whether you fit in the criteria of the demographics they are after. A clothing line specializing in designer clothings may prefer, for example, a certain age group and income bracket. A wine maker may choose to interview only people living on certain geographic locations. Most surveys prefer Canadian and American citizens although there are also those that accept international participants.

After registering, some will send you a verification e-mail. Once you are in, you will be provided with instructions on how to take the survey and how much you will be paid for participating. Some requires a fee to register. These paid market survey opportunities can be found in Craigslist and they abound anywhere else on the Internet (and so are fraudsfters). But they are also sometimes advertised in classified ads.


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