Designing an Inexpensive Trade Show Backdrop

It is vital for every business to promote or advertise. One of the best ways to advertise even small businesses is through trade shows. However, you must know the simple yet effective ways to advertise your business using backdrops.

With great backdrops, you can attract potential clients and eventually increase your sales or profits.

The Materials for Trade Show Backdrop

Business owners often organize trade shows because this is an excellent way to advertise your business and meet potential prospects. If you want to catch the attention of potential customers, you have to create an attractive signage and backdrop. For this project, you will need grid connectors, grip panels (steel, powder coated, black, 8’ by 2’), light clips, cable ties, and signs. Aside from the backdrop, you will also need to have lights and other advertising materials. Trade shows these days come in variations but the main problem encountered by business owners, especially the small businesses, is the advertising budget.

To ensure that the grid panels hold together, you can use special connectors. Local equipment stores sell these connectors. You can choose among the many designs of grid connectors but try to get the one that with good quality and affordable price. At the top portion of the panel, you will need to attach special lights. The panels should be 8’ in height and connect them using grid connectors, forming ‘w’. For every panel, you can use three connectors. Since the structure is sturdy, it can stand without any support. If you want to ensure safety, you can also get L-shaped footers to hold the panels forming a right angle. The four panels will be able to stand jointly.

How to Design an Inexpensive Trade Show Backdrop – Preparing the Signs

Find a local manufacturer of signs and try to make signs about your company, logo, and other pertinent information. The signs don’t cost much especially if you opt for sentra materials. With a sentra board, you can attach stickers and other vinyl printed materials. You can use the cable ties to hang the signs to the panel. Make sure that each of the signs is illuminated. People will not be interested in signs that are dark and uninviting. The booth will need sample products so put them on a clean and organized table. Don’t forget to provide extra brochures and the best salespeople in your company.

You don’t have to pour out money on trade shows. As long as you use your creativity and imagination, your booth will look interesting and very inviting. The signs should not be too heavy or the panels won’t be able to hold their weight. When installing the lights for illumination, you have to follow the right wiring practices. You can seek the help of a professional electrician to ensure safety of potential customers and your salespeople.


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