Outdoor Advertising Rate

Many businesses are turning to outdoor advertising offering promotional displays to relay a concrete message to prospective customers.

Rate charges of outdoor advertising depend on several factors such as location, size and duration.

Roads are one of the most crowded places. Thus, it is becoming one of the most interesting venues for advertising. Most products and market brands, if not into it, are eyeing outdoor advertising to promote their products and services.

One of the advantages of outdoor advertising is that its rate is much affordable that television advertisement since no production cost is involve which is actually costly plus the airing rate. The rate of outdoor advertising depends on the location, the size, the duration, the traffic, the demographic and the material and the print quality.

The location greatly influences the outdoor advertisement or billboards rate. Generally, the rate is directly proportional where the billboard is located for it affects the volume of people that will be seeing it. Location varies from highways, high rise building, popular establishments and streets.

Billboards that are near well known landmarks or establishments definitely have higher rates. The more people that get to see the advertisement the better and it requires highly busy roads, streets, and establishments.

This is what traffic is all about. And apart from that, but closely related, is the demographic. It is same as saying that a well urbanized or high income generating locations or cities are much expensive than those less fascinating and appealing locations.

The size of the billboard also affects the rate of the outdoor advertisement. Larger billboards would of course catch more attention than smaller ones. Larger outdoor advertisements also catch people’s attention and curiosity more easily. However, bigger billboards require more space and hence involve higher payment.

The duration of the billboard to keep posted also influence the rate of the outdoor advertisement. There are different terms and options that one can actually select in favor of their advertisement.
The materials used for the billboard also affect the rate charge along with the print quality.
All these factors contribute to shaping the rate for outdoor advertising. At some instances the name or the credibility of the advertiser adds to influencing the rates.
Outdoor advertisements are almost everywhere for most businesses see opportunities for marketing their products and services along the road and establishments. They are cheaper but are equally effective as other forms of media advertising.

To maximize the capability of outside advertising, make sure that the visual appeal of the advertisement is perfectly designed. It must deliver well the message that it needs to deliver to the people.

Some advertisers start at a monthly rate of $5000 plus the signage. This increases as terms changes as according to the aforementioned factors.

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  • Blake Castetter said on February 22, 2010
    You are right in saying that Outdoor Advertising is a medium that is going to continue to provide results for advertisers, although one point I'd like to make is in response to your comment including "No production." While digital outdoor is becoming more and more widely used, most outdoor advertising still requires a production element! The value in outdoor lies in the extreme reach due to it's ability to fight the fragmentation that technology has presented to traditional media!! Blake Castetter, AdvertisingVehicles.com


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