How to Attract Potential Directors for Your Business

We all know how important and how helpful it is to have a Board of Directors manage your company. That's why you should recruit only the best people in the trade to fill in the seats in your Board.

How can you successfully bring in a person to become one of your Directors and help govern your company?

The Board of Directors is undeniably important in a corporate setting. They are an easy way to gain investors; most financial institutions and individual investors trust a company more if it has a team of experts managing the business. Moreover, company problems are easily discussed and taken care of faster than you possibly could by addressing them all by yourself.

Now, the tricky part is, how can you as a business owner successfully attract people that will serve on the business’ Board of Directors?

The Truth About Recruiting Directors

People would naturally turn their attention first to the compensation package that they should offer possible Directors. However, the truth is, the first thing you should worry about is not the salary; it’s you and the company. Directors look at you first as a potential team-mate, and then the company as a potential working ground. So, before you worry about the compensation package that you should offer find out first if you have what it takes to bait a Director in.

Tips to Gaining The Trust of Potential Directors

Here are some ways that you can impress the people you approach for a directorial post in your company:

  • Develop personal integrity and honesty
    Directors are tasked with solving company problems and keeping the enterprise alive. As the owner and founder of the company, you should be honest enough and not keep problems from your directors. The company’s problems are as much their problems as they are yours. Also, withholding company problems until they are unbearable can cause you to lose the CEO seat through a vote of no-confidence in your leadership.
  • Be open-minded
    As the Board and you work together as a team and make decisions that will have an impact on the company’s strategic vision, you should learn to take constructive criticism and be open to suggestions from your Directors. These are people that have enough expertise and you should take advantage of that. You can actually avoid a lot of mistakes by listening to their advice. Plus, you won’t have to take sole responsibility for any mistakes you make as you will when you don’t have a Board to help you.
  • Learn how to manage financial concerns skillfully
    A sound financial management system implemented on your company can certainly impress possible members of the Board. In case you don’t know, Board members will not want to risk becoming liable for certain financial problems that may arise in your company due to lack of financial management. You should have these set up before approaching people for a directorial post.


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