Promoting a Business Using Advertorial

Advertorial is a form of advertisement that uses the same format of a news to build credibility while embedding subliminal messages that promote a certain product or service.

This form of marketing, which can be found in newspapers and television news, should be written or shown in a subtle way that consumers may not think that this is a promotional message.

With the proliferation of media that has desensitized most consumers, businesses have come up with a subtle way of promoting a product or service without the people knowing this is an advertisement. One of these is advertorial which can be found in magazines, newspapers, and television news.

Advertorial, which is derived from two words, ADVERtisement and ediTORIAL, adopts a format of news to create credibility while subtly promoting a product or service that most readers would not think of it as another blatant advertisement.

And because advertorial is an advertisement with concealed purpose, communication experts believe that this can be more potent than traditional advertisement if utilized to the fullest.

Tips on Making Advertorial

Know the product well

By knowing the product well, it would be easier to know the target-market and how it should be marketed in this highly competitive industry. Also, it would be easier to know how the story of the advertorial will go without appearing that it is promoting a business.

Use a story that would be appealing to consumers

Communication experts believe that the best way to get the attention of consumers is by tapping their emotion; this is the reason why commercials that advertise the housing industry always use families or couples who seem to be happy and content with their lives.

Another advantage of using emotion is that people’s decisions are always based on their whims, passions, and dreams, making it easier for businesses to make the advertorial appealing for consumers.

Make a promise

All forms of advertisement have one thing in common: they make a promise to consumers that by purchasing a product or service, they can be “complete”. And while this may appear to be “exploiting the insecurities of people”, this is really how advertisement works and the reason why commercials use unbelievably beautiful individuals.

Embed messages that promote a product or service

When doing this, make sure that it will not appear too obvious that people might dismiss it as another blatant advertisement. Remember that the whole essence of advertorial is embedding subliminal messages to a story.

Establish credibility in the story

To make advertorial work, the most important thing is to establish credibility in the story that would convince consumers to try a product or service; and if satisfied, these people may even influence other individuals to purchase this.


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