How to Find Advertisers

Let’s say you have a website and it consist of useful products or services or information and you are worried on how it can be noticed in the market? Advertising and promotions are the essential keys on how you can able to increase the sales and leads. This is an important marketing strategy that is proven to be effective. Finding the advertisers for your website online is the first thing to do in order for your product or services to be noticed in the market.

This is important especially if you are planning to have advertisement into your website.

  • Understand Your Audience

The first thing to remember before an advertiser will sign contract, the first thing that they will determine who are viewing their ads. So in order for you to offer your potential advertisers this information, it is very important to know your audience like the ones who are visiting or reading your blog as well as using your products. This information could be acquired from the user registration date, interaction to visitors and polls.

  • Remember the Relevant Products and Potential Advertisers

Your blog or website may have strong focus on a specific industry. In some cases, potential advertisers are simple to identify. As example, if you have a travel blog, it should target attractions, destinations, hotels and airlines. In addition, some websites need more scouring than anything.

  • Determine your ad rates

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions from many website owners. This can particularly done by determining your competitors charge for the same campaign, the number of impressions, visitors and pageview, the cost for design as well as to maintain and develop a blog or website and the contract between you and the advertiser.

  • Prepare a media kit

After determining your audience you may now show the value of your advertising program. In addition, the media kit must describe the website as well as the audience. It must list all the available advertising placements as well as ad specifications like animation length, file size and ad dimension.

General Tips

  • Do not afraid to approach probable advertisers if you think that your website is good and it offers quality contents and audience.
  • Do not send a mass message because it will consider your messages as a spam or being ignored by advertisers.
  • Remember to check out your competitors as well as other sites in certain industry and notice their advertisers too because it will help you determine it effectively.
  • Make sure to use ad management tracking system to help you increase productivity as well as to provide transparency and accountability to advertisers.


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