Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising

Celebrities have great impact as well as appeal to many people. This is the reason why there are a lot of people in the business world who are choosing celebrities in advertising their line of products as well as services.

In other words, celebrity endorsement in advertising will help increase the demand of certain products as well as services.

The effect of celebrity endorsement in advertising is incomparable. This adds appeal as well as improves the branding of the stuffs being offered in the public. In return, the products and services are likely to be sold easily.

Establishes Product Credibility

There are main advantages of celebrity endorsement in advertising. One of which is it provides great deal of product credibility. The main effect of the popularity of these celebrities is that it adds sense of trust to the product sources. In a typical endorsement scene, you will notice that the celebrities who are endorsing the products are stating that they have proven and tested the product or the service. Since they are able to influence people, the interested individuals will be moved by their statements, leading to product credibility.

Mitigates Image that was Tarnished

There are times that particular businesses are losing the trust of their customers. When this situation arises, it calls for immediate business marketing tactics in order not to lead to business downfall. One of the most effective marketing actions is to avail of celebrity endorsement services. The appeal of these celebrities plus their influence on people has the capacity to bring back the business confidence. One good example of the company which availed of celebrity endorsement is the maker of Cadbury. This company has previously lost the trust of their customers. Due to extensive advertising with celebrities, they have regained back the trust of their clients.

Rejuvenates Stagnant Brands

Celebrity endorsement also aids in rejuvenating brands that are already stagnant. The main purpose of celebrity endorsement is to refresh products that are already vanishing in the memory of their previous customers. If you notice, like in some clothing lines, they are utilizing the appeal of some celebrities in order to infuse a new life to their products. Same rationale goes here for if the popularity of a certain product is regained, there is a direct effect in its profit. Thus, this will halt the possibility of business abolishment.

Retains Product Memory

There are some business services as well as products that do not mark easily on the minds of the people. This may be rooted to the wrong choice of marketing techniques or strategies. Utilizing celebrities in endorsing such products will greatly help in the retention of these stuffs in the minds of the people. The degree of recall can be rooted to the personality of the celebrity that is being adored by most of the endorsement viewers. Example of this is by the time Tiger Woods was asked to endorse a couple of line of famous product brands. His popularity has put great impact in the degree of recall to these product brands. Examples of these brands are:

  • Rolex
  • American Express
  • Nike


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