Local Restaurant Marketing

There is some sort of difficulty when it comes to local restaurant marketing. The restaurants that are offering franchises have no problem with regards to their marketing since they can easily capture their possible stock holders.

But still, local restaurants must do extensive marketing in order to gain their desired customer base.

Before you are about to develop your local business marketing, you have to plan it properly. Remember that the profit of your restaurant also depends upon the manner of how you are marketing your business.

Advertise Through Social Networking Sites

One of the best ways in order to gain more customers is by means of marketing your business through the internet. This is the vastly utilized marketing tactic that gained a great deal of positive results. By utilizing the internet, you will feel less stress in marketing your local restaurant. Aside from that, internet marketing will not cause you too much expenditure of money. All you just need is to make your post appealing and captivating. Particularly, you can do the marketing with the aid of the social networking sites. Examples of the main social networking sites where you can market are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • LinkedIn

Use Email List

Aside from marketing your local restaurants in social networking sites, you can also do advertising by means of making an email list. At first, you have to collect the email of your prospects. Then, after this, you should compile these emails in your business email address. If there are some promotions as well as other new dishes offered by your restaurant, then you can send them with updates. This will definitely encourage your customers to come and visit again your restaurant. When they are satisfied, they may recommend your business to their other friends.

Target Bloggers and Writers

Free tasting is also another form of restaurant advertising. However, you have to choose people that will contribute to the publicity of your business. In addition, you have to prepare your meal deliciously in order to gain positive results. These people may be bloggers or journalists. The main logic behind this is that if they liked the foods that you are offering, they can be asked to make a review of the food that can be ordered from your restaurant. These reviews, especially when posted by bloggers in their sites, will earn some sort of publicity on your part. Thus, you can possibly earn a lot of online customers.

Attend Sponsoring Events

Sponsoring is also a nice way in order to gain publicity for your local restaurants. Particularly, you can join catering events that have an access to many people. This is a nice exposure wherein you can spot a lot of possible customers. Yet, you have to be prepared and offer foods that will leave a mark on the taste buds of people in this event. If you will join these sponsoring events, you also need to be prepared with your contact details. Every time that there will be a person who will taste your offered dishes, give him your contact information.

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  • Greg said on February 22, 2013
    Hello. I'd like to start my own diary place in Durham Region (Ontario). It would be mainly to prepare on site (in my store) and sell milk products and some bakery products. What should I know about any health issues (licenses), which Health Ministry of Ontario might impose on me upon opening such enterprise? Please advise. Greg


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