New Product Development Ideas

If you have created your new product it is necessary to launch it and introduce it to the public in order to gain a lot of money from it. In this case, you are going to need essential facts on properly launching a product.

Bear in mind that there are several things to consider before you actually get to the point of launching your product, so be patient and diligent while you are at it.

In launching a new product, you need to have satisfied buyers to whom you can actually use your promoting ability for your product’s adoption in case of a much wider audience. Keep in mind that the key to your product launching success depends within your methods of finding the right customer segments that are usually disposed in becoming early adopters. This method must be done with considerable accuracy. Remember that once you have already launched your new product and are already widely accepted by the public, those customers who are more conservative will be the ones that you can easily sell your product. These people are the ones that we usually call the early adopters. Thus, in order for your launching to be a success, it will be required for you to identify the types of these early adopters.

Transaction Buyers

There are three major business customers that were identified by Dr. Paul Wang of the Northwestern University which will help you with your task in identifying the early adopters. They are the transaction buyers, program buyers, and the relationship buyers. The transaction buyers, according to the research of Dr. Wang are those companies which are initially motivated by the product’s price. These are the ones who are willing to go around shopping centers in every purchase. They also possess everyone’s catalog as well as the compare prices that are active. The word loyalty is not really the kind of this type of buyers.

Program Buyers

The second type of buyer is the program buyer. They are the one who typically follows some kind of internal methods of procedure in order to make their business purchases. These are usually the mature or government industries that have already developed particular manuals which govern the buying process.

Relationship Buyers

The third type is the relationship buyers. This is the best reception and choice that you have when you are going to launch your product. These are the type of business customers who will more probably like your product as well as the services that you will offer them. They are the ones who have probably built an already existing relationship with the employees of your business establishment and will regard your company as the primary source or supplier. In short, they will give you their loyalty in return of a good service, friendship, helpfulness, information, and a quality product as well.


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