Bus Advertising Rates

Bus advertising rates are going higher because of the demand that it gets from the people. Advertising on bus transits is actually an effective form of advertising method.

It is wise to select a company that can give you good rates. It is best to make it prominent and select the right bus to put your ads.

Bus advertising is a very popular and effective method of advertising your product or company. You just need to note down the number of “To let statements. After that you may contact the transit agency to learn about the rates of advertising on the buses. Advertising on buses is considered as one of the most effective method of advertising – as it is repeatedly rendered to the people moving on the road. Also, it is a very effective advertising method because it is different to other typical advertising methods. In a typical TV or mail advertisement, you have the option to switch the channel or tear up the mail. But in bus advertising, one will be definitely watching the advertisement – as he or she will not have any option.

Features like these has made ‘bus advertising’ a hit and an efficient method of advertising. At the same time, the advertiser is not required to pay down big sums of money for bus advertising. Bus advertising is much cheap than TV or mail advertising. If you attach your advertising with different media outlets, you can yield more from your advertising campaign. In this article we will look at few points that should be considered before selecting ‘bus advertising’ as your advertising campaign.

 Make it prominent:

The colors, logos and symbols used in your bus advertising must be prominent and bold. Try to put as less words as possible. Try to illustrate your brand or product in terms of images and bright colors photos. The whole picture of the bus advertisement should be kept in the mind of the viewer.

Capture maximum viewers:

Since a large number of people will be watching the bus advertising, therefore your advertisement should easily be captured by every age group. You should try to make it sensible and easy to understand. If your bus advertising offends some specific type of people, then you won’t be having a complete good response for your advertising campaign.

Only go for ‘bus advertising’ when you want to sell in long term:

Many transit agencies ask you to commit for bus advertising for at least three months or so. You should not start a ‘bus advertising’ campaign for your week long sales. Only choose ‘bus advertising’ option when you want to advertise your business in long term.

Be Intelligent:

You should be intelligent while choosing for ‘bus advertising’. You should first learn the complete routes of the bus and hence the targeted viewers. Advertising on a bus which mostly moves on highways will not be a good idea.

Typical prices for advertising on bus ranges from $135 to $500 depending on the size of the bus. Brent is charging $140 for advertising on a 24 seats minibus for six weeks. Other companies also have similar rates. Another company is charging $400 for advertising on the sides and back of Coach. Additional charges apply on vinyl and printing of the advertisement.


  • norbiha said on February 27, 2011
    i want the price for bus advertising. Please follows this :
    1.sticker on bus body for color and black n white.
    2.advertising on tv channel and
    3.mirrors for mini-bus
  • R. Nanthakumar said on August 4, 2012
    I want bus sticker ads in dindigul city buses
  • dhananjay Rahalkar said on November 7, 2012
    We are looking for a Ad campaign on Bus & local trains in Western suburb of Mumbai.
  • mike christ said on February 21, 2013
    I am starting a bus company (school buses converted into rv vans) that will go cross country,( USA) what can i get a week to advertise someones product on the bus per month?


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