Finding an Intern Position at an Advertising Agency

There are two ways to become an intern at an advertising agency. One is to use job boards in your search and the other is to apply directly at the advertising company.

Follow the steps below so that you can submit your application and request for an interview. You have to be presentable and confident when being interviewed.

Applying for Internship

If you’re a public relations, communications, or marketing student, you can benefit greatly if you become an intern at an advertising agency. Most employers today are looking for competitive individuals who have excelled in formal schooling and at the same time, have gained considerable professional work experience in related fields. The internships can be included in your resume and this can give you plus points which can get you hired in the near future.

To become an intern at an advertising agency, you must first excel in your course. Intern positions are quite competitive these days and you must be able to prove to the advertising agency that you possess considerable knowledge in the position that you want to apply for. If you’re a average or preferably above average student, you can become an intern and you can start by looking for internship opportunities online. Prominent advertising agencies usually have official websites that you can visit any time. Check out their websites and learn more about the company before you apply. Study how the pages of the sites were developed and organized. You can also check out job openings.

Using Job Boards

Make use of job boards to enhance your search results. There are several reputable job boards that you can find online – use them to your advantage. If you find online forms and you think you’re a good candidate, then fill out the form and get the details by calling the advertising agency. Try to ask about the responsibilities and tasks as an intern. With all the details in your hands, you can now assess the situation. You will also need to submit a resume together with a cover letter and employer recommendations (from past intern jobs). Don’t forget to do some follow ups and do request for an interview.

Once your interview schedule has been approved, make sure that you arrive on time and dress properly. You don’t have to brag about your good points but just state what’s on your resume and add some expansions. You also need to tell the employer why you’re the best candidate for such position as well as your edge to become an asset of the company. If you applied in the job boards, make follow ups after day or two to the company to make sure that they received your application. So you see, it’s not that very complicated to become an intern but you need to study hard and get as many experience as possible.


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