How to Get Off Junk Mail Lists

What is a junk mail? A junk mail is a form of e-mail message that was usually sent by advertisers or hackers to online users with an e-mail address.

This is usually called as spam mails since it is send by bulk to users who have earlier registered for notifications.

To date, junk or spam mails has been one of the biggest problem on the Internet as majority of those sent was unsolicited and totally not useful to the readers. These junks mails usually cause irritation and waste valuable time and resources of the receivers.

This article is aimed to help users to get rid of the unwanted junk mails by just following the easy steps below.

  • The first thing that a user should do to get rid of the spam mails is to register for a list. It may sound contradicting or counterintuitive but registering to the list can help you eliminate the growing problem of junk mails.
  • By being on the list of Direct Marketing Association’s mail Preference Service, you can now opt not to receive any spam or junk mails by clicking the “Do not Mail” option. However, it will cost you a dollar (a dollar well-spent) to register in this mail listing.
  • The second thing that you need to do is make phone calls and send out letters. Look for the contact information included in flyers, packages, and promotions sent to you. By talking with agents in their toll-free hotlines, you can now request to opt out of the mailing lists.
  • The third thing that you should do is to contact the three major credit bureaus. This way, you can stop other credit offers that you don’t like to receive since most of these offers come in bulk depending on the category, which are often preapproved by the receivers.
  • The fourth step you need to do is to delete your address in the phone book provided by telecommunications companies. By doing this, you will no longer receive other monthly charges and advertisers will no longer see where to send the mails.
  • The fifth step is to opt out immediately, even before registering. By not giving away information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, office and home addresses, advertisers will not have a chance to send any mailing to you.All of the credit cards and other companies have the option to keep your profile private. Keep it that way and you will no longer see unnecessary mails and spam messages in your accounts.
  • Sixth and final step to remember is to be aware of every registrations, contests, entries, and surveys that you answer. Each time that you join in one of these promotions also increases the chance of you getting mails from the companies associated with that event.


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