How to Start a Cell Phone Store

Interested in owning and operating a cell phone store? It may sound difficult or impossible if you don’t know how.

Turn to our guide on how to become a retailer of cellular communication units. We will walk you through the basic process of getting started in this line of business.

Major cellular phone companies sell products directly to customers. But they also authorize dealers to do retails of phones. With the popularity of mobile phones nowadays, a store selling cellular units is one nice business you can start. Here are the steps that you can do to pursue that plan:

  • Get a strong background in marketing and sales. The phone business relies heavily on extensive marketing to succeed. You would need experience in that field if you want to apply as an indirect dealer or sub-dealer.
  • Look for a master dealer nearest to you where you can apply as a sub-dealer. Major telecommunication companies designate master dealers to deal with sub-dealers so that they can concentrate on their core business. For everything you need, you would have to deal with the master dealer.
  • Make a well-researched and well-prepared business plan. You will need a strong business plan when applying to become a sub-dealer. Master dealers have to keep sales volume up so they’d logically sign up only those who can perform well and help their business grow. To know your potential, a master dealer will look into your business plan. When making a business plan, include specific location for the store, and be specific about targets and plan of action. It would even be best if you can specify a niche market to target. This market could be the underserved portion of some population or be a specific group of people. Your ability to bring them new customers is your best point when applying to affiliate with a master dealer.
  • Submit all the necessary requirements and wait for the approval of your application.

As a cell phone retailer, you can make money by - activating post paid accounts, extending contracts, adding features to existing phone plans, activating prepaid phones, selling recharge cards, and selling cell phone accessories. For the first three, you will be paid a commission for every transaction you close. You will be required to meet a certain number of sales per month. For doing prepaid activations, you will earn for the markup you will put on the items you sell. Later, if you meet a certain number of transactions per month, you can become a master dealer yourself.

You can also become a wholesale distributor. Verizon offers that opportunity. The requirements include hitting a minimum number of subscribers for a certain period, and availability of back office support. For more specific information on the requirements and process, visit



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