Owning a TV Store

If you want a business in line with home entertainment, a TV store is one idea you can entertain. The good news is that you don't have to be specially qualified to own a TV store business. Learn some tips on how to own a TV store from our basic guide.

Televisions have a variety of uses. They are mainly used for viewing news broadcasts and entertainment shows in homes, businesses and institutions.

Televisions are also used for security and surveillance purposes. If you want a business in line with home entertainment, a business selling televisions is an idea you can pursue.

How to Own a Store Selling Televisions

You can order televisions from manufacturers offshore, mainly from China, where top electronic companies usually outsource labor. You can also become an authorized dealer of popular television brands. You can sell conventional TV tubes or plasma TVs. You can also sell refurb items or those that are slightly dented or scratched. At the least, you’d need racks to display smaller television units, and a cash register. If you plan to offer delivery service, then you’d need vehicles to carry units to where customers want their orders delivered.

To open a store, you’d need to find a building or a space that you can buy or rent. You’d also need business permits in order to start selling your merchandise. You can also consider getting insurances both for the business and for employees. Since television units cost a bit, you’d need substantial capital to start it. Evaluate financing options carefully before starting this business.

Tips in Owning a TV Store

  • Keep yourself updated about the latest in television and home entertainment technology in order to know what new types of TV are now out or soon to be out in the market. Knowing these will be give foresight on how you can manage inventory such that you are not left with outdated models that will no longer sell.
  • If you are selling popular TV brands, take advantage of promotions of bigger competitors. If the brands are being sold off price, run your own advertisement stating you also carry the brands in your store.
  • As added value, you can also sell in your store, home entertainment accessories like speakers, tuners, audio racks and TV stands.
  • Hire salespeople who are knowledgeable about electronics or audio visual equipment. Having salespeople who knew AV technology can earn customer confidence and trust, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase items that you are selling.
  • If you are offering free delivery, decide how far that service is valid. Make sure to be on-time on your promise to deliver the goods as one customer’s satisfaction can go a long way. Excellent customer service is usually always a big factor in helping any business survive competition.  


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