How to Start Battery Retail Store

The battery is an important part of consumer electronics. Users of these devices are expected to stock up on these commodities if they want to be able to use their consumer electronics, and these devices are important?

How can one use a cell phone if it doesn’t have the necessary lithium-ion batteries needed for its operation?

Of course, where else can they go to purchase their batteries but from a battery retail store? These stores have ample supply with which they can answer these people’s needs. You, as a businessman, would do well to try and think about such a business opportunity.

First of all, how can one start a battery retail store business? Here are some steps how.

Get a Battery Retail Franchise or Start One from Scratch

The first thing you should do is to get yourself a battery retail franchise. Fortunately, there are a lot of battery retail franchise options that you can choose from. What’s so advantageous about these franchises is that they have support coming towards your way as a franchisee when you need help with your business. With a battery retail franchise, you have at your disposal a wide variety of batteries to sell to your customers. Second option is opening a battery retail store from scratch, this means you have to put your time in building your store’s brand name to make more money. While opening your own store you will go through various things that one franchising company might have done earlier or will do for you.

Either of the cases you will sell commonly used battery such as lithium-ion batteries which are used in laptops, cellphones and some digital camera models. Of course, there is also the ubiquitous battery which comes in AA and AAA sizes. You can also consider keeping some commonly used big size batteries that can be used in cars, inverters, generators, etc.

Register Your Business

Once you have a franchise/own store ready, be sure to have yourself registered with the Internal Revenue Service and other appropriate government agencies. This will help you avoid the dreaded and unwanted legal trouble with the government, which will greatly hamper your operations and reduce your financial capabilities greatly whether you’re a new businessman or not.

Also, by being duly registered with the government, you can depend on the full protection and privileges accorded by the law.

Get Your Store Ready

Now that you’ve taken care of the legal hurdles, it’s time to start getting down to business. First, you have to set up your store. Since your business depends greatly on consumer purchases, you should take consideration the location of the shop. As much as possible, you should position it strategically, that is, where your intended market can see your shop.

You should start populating your shop as well. Hire some dependable persons to serve as your sales and customer service staff; this can be composed of family members but can include other people as well. As long as you trust them and they can work good, then they can surely pass as salespeople that will be responsible for selling your products over to your customers. It wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye regularly at how things are going for your business, however.


  • Temitayo said on June 8, 2011
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  • Ali said on March 16, 2013
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  • Michael said on January 24, 2014
    Does it require much capital to start up a battery retail store for cars? Pls I need advice on how I can become a great business man in the battery retail store business. Regards Michael This is my mail (
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  • Ray said on June 11, 2015
    i can help you to start up a battery business with our long term battery market experiences.
  • Ray said on June 11, 2015
    if any one need help with starting a battery business send me mail @
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    shop all features
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    Hi, I am Prashant Sharma From Uttrakhand, i have no place in market for open my own store, so can i start from my home? Kindly suggest me the tool kit for new Battery business. its mandatory to now how to fix battery in car, bike etc. Thanks, Prashant Sharma, +91-9821124227
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    I am SI Mjobo at Lusikisiki and I am interested to have Willards battery Container with purpose of selling Willards batteries. No competition at all, place secured along busy R61 road. Please advise me. Thank you, my number 0719158110
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