Starting a Kitchen Retail Store

Do you have extensive experience in cooking, selling, or purchasing kitchen wares? Capitalize on that experience to help others get their first kitchen tools or discover new products to make their cooking easier, faster and more fun.

Start a store retailing kitchenware. Read on to learn some kitchenware retail business ideas.

kitchen dishes

Whether as college freshmen, newlyweds or retirees, people will always need an article for the kitchen. They may be buying items for their first kitchen or adding kitchen wares and appliances to their existing collection to make their cooking experience ever more convenient and fun. If you are an expert about kitchen tools and utensils, most likely because you have extensive experience in cooking, selling, purchasing kitchen wares, or all of the above, this is an ideal business for you. Here are some kitchenware retail businesses you can start whether virtual or with a storefront.

A general kitchenware retail store. This will be a one-stop store that will carry the most basic items for a kitchen. This is the store for those who are buying their first cooking implements for their first ever kitchen. Sell them knives, dishes, glasses, bowls, spoons, forks, cutting boards, pots, pans and even garbage bags. It is not necessary to carry items in various sizes or brands. What is important is you have everything needed to cook a meal and to eat it with afterwards. Since your customers will most likely be maximizing their budget for household items, give them quality at an affordable price.

A store specializing in kitchen appliances. You will sell power-operated gadgets such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, mixers, and blenders. It is for this store where you will put your knowledge about operating kitchen machines more than in any other shop.

A store specializing in serving wares. You will be selling mostly to caterers, food shops and restaurants and will be handling large volumes of orders. A delivery vehicle will most likely be necessary. Prompt delivery will always give customers a good first impression. And be sure to bring the products in good condition.

A store specializing in baking tools. You’d have to carry a lot of measuring tools, baking pans, spatulas, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and rolling pins.

A store specializing in high-end products and gadgets. Your selling point here is the brand of the items you will carry whether you will carry many items like a general store or concentrate on any of the above kitchen implements.

A store specializing in kitchen accessories and decor. You will be catering to customers who want to spice up their kitchen with knickknacks or those who are looking for small items with very specialized functions. This will be a boutique style store. You will have to pay careful attention on how you arrange your merchandise. You have to be creative in arranging them such that the customers who walk in your store would immediately want your arrangement to be in their own homes too.


  • brook said on August 12, 2009
    I am all set to start my own kitchen store. send more info on opening a kitchen store.
  • Deidre Dry said on January 15, 2011
    Not sure where to start a kitchen retail shop. Have locations near Johannesburg and East London. Just want to gain all the relevant info on opening a retail store for kitchenware and then determine my target market.
  • Victoria Tribble said on February 23, 2011
    I would like information to open a kitchen store, in Edmond, Oklahoma. Please send information as soon as possible. Thanks.
  • Caroline Nanyo said on October 10, 2011
    Hello! I live in Port Harcourt Nigeria, and i really need help on starting a kitchen retail store, please my source of buying (at fair bargains) and shipping it down to Nigeria for retail is a serious issue i need sort out. Please can i get help on the above issue? Thank you
  • Jessica said on June 1, 2012
    I'm looking to start a kitchen store in Las Colinas, TX any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Ramesh said on June 2, 2012
    I am doing Kitchen appliance business in the name of shaashe multibranded kitchenware mart in Tuticorin-628002, Tamilnadu, India. we are selling only branded products. now i plan to increase the products what kind of product i can add in my shop
  • shyam said on December 23, 2012
    i want to start Kitchen business in Thane area, so please send me information and distributor from whom i can buy products, please help me , thank you
  • Mark Kluttz said on February 18, 2013
    I am looking to start a kitchen store in Beaufort SC. Can you direct me in the right direction for a distributor to purchase products from. Also any information to make this as easy as possible. Thanks, Mark
  • James Cantrell said on February 21, 2013
    Am interested in starting a kitchen wares and specialty housewares store. ( tools for your kitchen) I sold waterless cookware ( direct sales) through group demonstrations for years and would like to move into retail for something I truly love. please send anything that might be helpful
  • caroline mandy said on June 11, 2013
    i do have a small shop about 25 sqmtr and i want to open a kitchenware shop for July . am based in harare,zimbabwe. whats your advise on the products i should stock and where i could source them
  • Emily Moore said on October 19, 2013
    We are interested in starting a small kitchen store with a kitchen for cooking classes. How much inventory investment (in dollars) do we need for a 500 sq ft to 750 sq ft kitchen store?
  • Kingsley chinonso said on November 6, 2013
    Please i reside in Abuja Nigeria, and want to start a kitchen utensil store.. Can u pls assist 2 connect to someone who connect me buy and send it down 2 Nigeria
  • Amit Gupta said on March 3, 2014
    wanna to open a kitchenware shop. whats your advise on the products i should stock and where i could source them
  • PRADIP MAITY said on March 27, 2015
    i want to open a kitchenware shop, at dumdum area, kolkata , can you assist to connect to someone to know ,who is a distributor in my area
  • saima said on May 25, 2015
    I live in aligarh u.p. I want to open a kitchen ware store with all the products of kitchen, can u please suggest me that how much capital I should invest in the starting...and all the necessary requirements regarding this business, as I m a house wife and I want to start my own small business in this particular area... so please help me.., thank u, looking forward to ur reply...
  • Mrs ngozi said on August 15, 2015
    Am in Nigeria. I live in edo state. benin city. i want to start a big kitchen utensils store. i have seen a very big store of my choice and is in a good location. plz where can I get kitchen wares in a good price. cos I'll be selling wholesalers and retail. plz help and reply thanks
  • Lekita said on November 13, 2015
    Hi,please link me up with some good suppliers for quality kitchen utensils and small appliances for my kitchen ware store in Kenya.
  • Nawsheen said on December 16, 2015
    Hello, I'm interested in opening a retail store. Would you please help with suppliers and sources whom I can buy affordable kitchen gadgets from? Much Thanks
  • Olorunsola Odunayo said on January 23, 2016
    I want to start kitchen utensils and appliances business. pls I need a supplier with reasonable prices. I am residing at mararaba, Nasarawa State Nigeria. Thanks
  • Tina Owhonda said on March 9, 2016
    write your comment with city, state and country.My name is Tina Owhonda I reside at Portharcourt Nigeria.please I need information on how to get kitchen wares for sale at an affordable rate.thanks
  • Ebun said on March 9, 2016
    I want to start my kitchen store in lagos Nigeria.I need advise on where to source from and how much will it cost to start up on a medium scale. thank you.
  • Martha said on June 24, 2016
    My name is Martha from katsina state, Nigeria. please, I need information on how and where to source for kitchen utensils and appliances at affordable prices as I intend to start my kitchen store. Thanks in anticipation
  • anjola said on August 26, 2016
    my name is anjola. I live in Ibadan. I am planning to start a kitchen ware store Where can I locate NY store and other needed info
  • A.charles said on January 17, 2017
    my name is A. charles i am a cameroonian & reside in kumba. i am planing to open a kitchenware shop to do both wholesale & retails. i wish to be connected to a reliable supplier at an affordable price. i will be waiting for your humble reply. thanks
  • Ingrid said on March 5, 2017
    Hello, I'm interested in opening a kitchen store, specializing in baking tools. Thank you.
  • Maureen onyonyi said on August 18, 2017
    Hi am Maureen Onyonyi from kenya based at kisumu county would like to start a kitchen utensil business so kindly give me a support-how to start a business and to connect me with kitchen utensil company for supplying those stuffs. thanks a lot
  • sumeesh said on December 27, 2018
    hi, i am from kerala munnar, I need a business partner, can you help me?
  • Aileru Oluwakemi said on September 24, 2019
    Hello, I am Aileru Oluwakemi from Nigeria, kwara state, Ilorin. I want to start a kitchen retail store, kindly guide me on how to start the business and connect me to a kitchen utensil company to supply the equipment. Thank you.
  • Moyinoluwa Adeshina said on November 11, 2019
    Hello, I'm moving from Nigeria, reside in Ogun state, I would like to start a retail store in kitchenware, kindly guide me on where I can get it in wholesale here in Nigeria or how it can be shipped down here. thanks
  • Susan said on February 11, 2021
    Want to start a kitchenware small business in laikipia kenya.Assist me with details on how to go about it and connect me to a reliable source please.
  • Kennedy Sonye said on June 13, 2021
    Hello,am Kennedy Sonye... From Kenya,Kisumu County... Am planning to start up a kitchenware retail store shop,kindly,guide me on how to take the business and what needed to start it.
  • Elizabeth Achobi said on August 28, 2021
    Hello need to open up a small kitchenware store how best can you help me as with a business plan, layout of the store and how much start up capital


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