Tips on Jewelry Store Liquidation

Liquidation is the procedure by which assets and/or goods must be disposed to generate the much-needed financial funds and/or a process with which assets and/or goods must be disposed to meet the financial goals of the company.

In this article you will be able to learn tips on jewelry store liquidation.

Store owners usually conduct clearance sales yearly. There are also cases that clearance sales are being conducted by companies due to some unforeseen events that need them to close shop. Either way, clearance sales are what people are looking for especially this time of financial difficulty. People always tend to buy things that are discounted but are of good quality. Jewelry stores are not an exception in these scenarios. It has been said that we are facing financial difficulties nowadays and people would rather purchase just their basic needs and would rather save their money. Clearance sales are the only time people will use their hard-earned money to purchase luxuries for themselves like jewelry.

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If you are an owner of a jewelry store that will conduct a clearance sale, here are some tips on jewelry store liquidation:

  • Conduct an inventory of all the jewelry in your stock room. Itemize each item according to metal and kind: gold, sterling silvers, platinum, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklace, pendants, etc.
  • Before the actual clearance sale make sure that all items have been cleaned and polished. You can hire a professional jewelry cleaner to do the job for you. Professional jewelry cleaner knows how to handle expensive and precious jewelry.
  • Pricing of the jewelry included in the clearance sale is a major factor in the success or the outcome of the sale.
  • Advertise the date/s and time of your clearance sale weeks before the actual date/s of the clearance sale. Post banners and tarpaulin and distribute flyers, this is one way to make sure that more people will get to know that you will be conducting clearance sales in your jewelry store. It is also expected that you specify up to how much percentage of discount your customers can avail for each particular purchase.
  • More people are expected to visit your jewelry store on this particular day/s. Make sure that you have extra staff available to assist customers and help you out.
  • Hire a professional in dealing with clearance sales. They can assist you with every facet of performing clearance sales: planning and marketing strategies. They can most of the time exceed the expected net sales projected since they have the expertise in this field. If you do not know anybody who this kind of job you can always scout through the web. You can also ask referrals from family and friends and friends if they any company that deals with clearance sales.

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