Business Loans Against Jewelry

Having a business loan in exchange for your jewelry is one of the fastest and most convenient ways for you to have emergency cash that you need.

It usually takes just several hours before you can have the business loan and offers a much flexible payment terms.

Jewelry in exchange for cash is usually one of the best options for you to have that business loan you wanted. It requires little paperwork, offers more flexible payment terms, and usually takes less than a day for you to have the cash.

Basically, during this kind of loan application, you are just liquidating the value of your assets, which is your jewelry. It’s like going to a pawnshop but having a more secured processing and less risks of losing the valuables.

Once you entered into an agreement with the bank, they will temporarily hold your jewelry inside their vaults until you are able to pay all the money that you have loaned from them.

Here are the things you need to learn before you can apply for business loans using your jewelry:

Find a lender. Look for the bank that offers the best option for you. You may want to look at the interest rate, the payment schemes, and the value they will give to your jewelry.

Usually, the amount of your loans will depend on the value of your jewelry. It will be the bank that will determine how much will be given into consideration. However, you can always negotiate to raise the value even higher.

Fast cash. See how long it would take you to have the business loan. Most banks and other lenders today offer a one day application process before you can have the business loan you want.

No gold please. There are several banks in the United States that do not allow loans against gold. Try to look for names like HDFC Bank, Canara Bank, Manappuram Finance, and Muthoot Finance. These companies specialize in loans using jewelry.

Interest rates. Know how much value you can get from your jewelry and compute whether or not you can pay the loan amount on the time you have agreed.

The Interest rates of the lenders vary depending on the agreement but the usual offers ranges from 12 to 15 percent annually. See to it that they also offer a monthly payment scheme, this way; you can have faster payment period and lower interest rates.

Also remember that you will receive much cheaper offers for the value of the jewelry.

Gems and Stones’ Value. Some banks usually will not consider the value of gem stones include in the jewelry. So consider bargaining for its value.


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