Government Grants for Youth

Government Grants for youth are inherently designed to help programs that are programmed for the betterment of these young people.

These grants are the same with other grants that are given by the government and for the purpose of creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

Common sense dictates that the youth is the future of a nation. Whatever happens to this segment of the population of any country is sure to spell the future well-being of the nation in general. Yet, there are many hurdles and troubles that the youth of this generation face and this can put them into a problematic future days. The government understands this and this is why there are ways by which it has put in the system a life-line support for this youth so they can have better days ahead of them. This is basically the core why there are government grants for youth so this issue can be addressed.

Basic Reason for Government Grants for Youth

It is no longer a secret that there are many programs designed to help the youth go on with their education halted or cancelled because there is no enough funding to support them. This is one of the basic reasons for Government Grants for youth so these programs can continue and assist the education of the young. Grants are given according to the needs of the youth that is applying for it. Some of these government grants for youth are designed to help youth that belongs to a minority or at risk of find jobs. These grants are even set of programs that facilitate the addressing of unhealthy behavior of youth for example.

The Funding for Government Grants for Youth

Generally speaking, government grants for youth is the same with all the variety of grants being given by the government. These grants, including government grants for youth, are given by the federal government funding from the general tax payers money as set by the congress. These grants are known to stimulate the economic, create jobs and increase tax base. In a way, this is the way how the government of America invests on its people.

Knowing How and Where to Apply for Government Grants for Youth

There are many grants available for youth that are given by the government. It is important for those applying for one to choose from these types of grants as this application still have to be assessed for approval. Asking or inquiring from a knowledgeable institution can help those who want funding for their youth programs.


  • zalani said on April 20, 2010
    I am so eager to know if you also help people around the globe. I am a 39 year old lady with a family, I live in Malawi, Africa.
  • wycliffe omukabane said on May 10, 2010
    I'm a 40 year old businessman living in Kakamega, Kenya. I want a grant to expand my microfinance business.
  • Bwindi Youth said on March 2, 2011
    We are 59 youth members in bwindi-buhoma kanungu district uganda. we are looking for grants to put us outsource centre in bwindi where our activities can take place to empower the youth development.We are registered as a CBO kanungu district. We are in the process to design our web page . looking ahead to get your positive response. Bwindi youth
  • Bharat said on December 1, 2011
    I am 22 year old i want to start bakery products manufacturing unit. Tell me how the Dic will help me for this
  • saurabh srivastava said on December 5, 2011
    i want to expand my advertisement business by setting up flex printing machine. for this i need grant on partnership basis. guide me perfectly and productively, saurabh
  • Bhuvaneshwari.T said on June 27, 2012
    I Planed to start CADD Centre Business. So if i get this loan its vary useful for me. How can apply this kindly mail me
  • benjamin said on October 19, 2012
    am 36 years old and i have no job,could you help me start my own business/farming
  • Bernadette de Guia Dizon said on December 18, 2012
    I live in Las Pinas City Philippines and would like to create a project for the youth that will help protect the rights of the child should these children have special abilities comparable to a genius which other Child Foundation do not really cover and protect. Would you have any ideas as to where I can ask for Grants? I am now working on a Project that will be proposed to the Mayor of this City for an endorsement. Thank you.
  • Wilson Wabalanda said on January 2, 2013
    We are a primary school in Uganda, Butambala District in Kayenje village, the school is a non profit primary school enrolled with 758 children. The school is seeking for support for supporters to fund our Agriculture project to grow food for orphans food in the school. Children go without food, yet we have land to grow food, we need support of 5000 USA dollars to grow food. Please contact us to enable us start grow food in February 2013. headteacher.
  • sabelo mchunu said on January 28, 2013
    I want diamond dealer my problem is a lack money of schooling
  • Tinnon Swartbooi said on February 10, 2013
    I am lady farmer aged 29 in Qumbu eatern Cape South Africa, currently farming on a small scale, recently acquired 50 hectors have registered my co.op have a community resolution done by rural development and land reform awaiting my business plan please kindly advise where do we apply for funding loan or grant or fence or seedlings, we want to bring development back into the rural areas. I was born here.
  • Daniel R.C.Langat said on April 17, 2013
    I would like to start rearing of pigs in my farm located 10km away from Nakuru town in Kenya. I require 5550 dollars. There is a ready market for Pigs(bacon). Farmers choice is the leading buyers of pigs which they use to make sausages.I would like to start pig rearing and make it so successful to a level where my farm can be used as a training centre for new pig rearing farmers.Please assist me to know where to get the grants to start the above mentioned business. Thanks Daniel R.C.Langat
  • lokawadominic said on May 6, 2013
    hello hi i am lokawadominic, i would like to start alectro trading business eg trading in electronic, please assist me with grant to start my business i will really be grateful to hear from you hear is ma phone number +256782072420 hope to hear from you all GOD BLESS YOU
  • Janet Okoye said on October 10, 2013
    We are a group of 33 women looking for assistance to Kick our poultry project which has stalled due to lack of funds. We are from Duku Duku Mtubatuba, UMkhanyakude district Municipality Kwazulu Natal South Africa. We have constructed 3 houses on a piece of Land given to us by our chief. These houses can take 1500 birds each. Please assist us to access this grant. Thank you.
  • otieno eunice said on October 15, 2013
    i am a 28 year old woman and i wanted to start a small scale business of homemade juice, tomato sauce and peanut butter but i do not have enough capital. please advice me on how i can get this government grant. i am staying in kenya, siaya county.
  • tanner said on October 21, 2013
    My papa used to raise cows and I would like to start it in the family again but I do not have the money to get started. I am from Mt.airy NC
  • palani said on December 26, 2013
    i am palani 27 years old i am manufacturing in the electronics by cycle in my own work shop i need improvement my business in the world can i help for me how to reach the market including any loan for me
  • ebong rodrique said on February 14, 2014
    i am interested in pig production but i do not have a starting capital. i wish i can get fund from any investor. i am in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon
  • Nabeel said on May 5, 2014
    Dear sir, I wish to start mineral water plant. I would like to know what kind help or support from your side. I am from Kerala India,Thank you.
  • Richard said on August 11, 2014
    I'm a young man, i need to know how can I get assistance from this to make my recycling company grow?
  • Udhay Raj Urs said on September 24, 2014
    I would like to give gainful employment to 8-10 people with beer knowledge who could also work and support me in supplies and distribution to local pubs. I would also educate them on revenues sharing basis. Thanks, Regards Udhay Raj Urs
  • vasim said on November 10, 2014
    I am having business plan for goat farming in maharashtra. Need financial support.
  • John said on November 18, 2014
    I am 22 years old young man from Pretoria South africa. I am interested in starting a broiler farm but i lack capital. I have a plot with electricity and water. I need to know where can i find funding for starting. Kind regards
  • Reyna Noeth said on November 21, 2014
    I am a 41 year old woman and would like to start my own chicken layer farm. My main reason is to teach people skills as well as provide jobs. I can speak Sotho even tough I am a white female. Is there any possibility that the government will grant me a loan to achieve this. Hope to here from you soon.
  • Mbaidiro Taambaijim'd said on April 27, 2015
    I am an agronomist and willing to start with an organic farm in Chad. I'm looking for fund to start up the project. I have land and water available and also a business plan and need financial support to start. looking forward to here from you. Sincerely. Mbaidiro
  • Sylvanus said on May 6, 2015
    We are running a small poultry farm in Waterloo Village, Freetown Sierra Leone with the aim of empowering the youths in the community to be self-reliant. Its an uphill task though, but with hard work and dedication we are moving forward. We are kindly soliciting support from well-wishers to help us in the fight against poverty, joblessness and malnutrition. Our country was ravage by war for ten years and now its EBOLA deaseas out break. Its not easy for us.
  • Joe Ogweng said on May 19, 2015
    Am Joe age 32 from Uganda, we have a small community youth group found in Kole District, Kole is found in northern Uganda. We want to start poultry keeping, how can we get the grants to support us.
  • Samwel Meshack Nyimbi said on June 17, 2015
    I am in East Africa, Tanzania, Dar es salaam,kinondoni, kijitonyama. my project is about fish keeping,(tilapia). About 10000-15000.
  • Tannyboy D. Matebesi said on July 16, 2015
    Good morning, I'm interested in applying for a youth grant and would like to know the age limit and also know whether you assist across the globe. I have a range of ideas on which i would like to be funded on. Thank you, Regards Matebesi,
  • Umesh Chandra tiwari said on August 19, 2015
    I want to establish RO plant in sultanpur u.p . Pls give me advice for taken money from govt. to improve my plant. thank u
  • Ngonidzashe Matsenga said on June 19, 2016
    I am a 45 year old male running a pig farm in a rural area in Zimbabwe's Mashonaland East Province. I am eager to employ people from within my area so as to alleviate poverty. Through this venture employees will be able to send their children to school, and sustain their families, hence rural based. Are there donors that could help with funding.
  • Vosenge Moga said on July 19, 2018
    I'm a lady from Tranzoia county in Kenya. I have three dairy cows that I keep and take good care of. I have engaged two village boys as a source of employment to them and I also supply my milk to a public primary school in my neighborhood for free just to encourage kids to go to school. My desire is to get financial support to expand my dairy farming and to earn a living for my family as I continue helping others. Kindly help
  • Sam Ncameni said on August 10, 2018
    Good day sir/madam, I am Sam Ncameni the director manager of nasonty trading Enterprise. The Community committee has granted my company a permission to utilize 200 Hectors to enable for his poultry project/activity, so we need to be helped. My company wants to create a job for the disabled, women and youth. I am interested in a grant to help the company grow. I am from Ventersdorp at Goedgevonden village in North West Provence.


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