What is Flat Rate Advertising

Choosing the way you advertise your products and services is a gamble. You need to understand everything involved in advertising to know what is flat rate advertising.

With the introduction of internet global advertising, it became less expensive for everybody with a cause, product or service to advertise.

The idea of abandoning the traditional methods of looking to target market and purchasing advertising on tv, radio, newspapers or magazines has been given a second thought.

With the computers and other advancements of Internet you can simply advertise the product and what is amazing is that you will only pay as soon as somebody visited your site using a link hosted on other site. Flat rate advertising was introduced through click through you would pay known as pay-per-click ads. It became very successful and has brought the leaders of the market to where they stand today.

The main concern of PPC ads is that publishers and advertisers are monitoring the false clicks. The pros to the true and old tried and tested method of advertising is by putting an ad on the targeted market and then knows your fixed price and you will know your ads are positioning.

Flat rate advertising was launched in early 2007. This can never replace PPC ads, However,it will offer a good option for who are on a tight budget. This will assure the advertisers on what site the ad should be placed.

In advertising you usually choose between the CPC, Flat rate orCPM . You will assess which method is the best. One can market flat rate ads any way you like. Surely it is a nice income for you, paid by week/month with not cost in performance criteria. You get the revenue no matter what happens on the site that month. Therefore, if traffic drops down you will have a good deal. Even though, the traffic went up the buyer have a better deal. Flat rate is an ambiguous, nice but steady ways of selling ads. Flat rate ads are being done by Text Link Ads.

If want to purchase flat rate advertising you need to gamble since you are not buying it through performance basis. As compared to CPC where you are paying per view, flat rate simply means you are buying a position for a certain time no matter what happens. The better forecast you can have will depend on the past months for competitor in same slot, therefore, the amount you pay will depend on the traffic on the past months. Once the traffic goes down within the month you purchase the ad, there is nothing that you can choose but to settle for raw end of a deal. But when traffic is up you will be having more money. The challenge isminimal on well created sites that see the little drop in traffic and it is these time that you will achieve the best forecast.


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