Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise Opportunity

Do you want to own a store that sells soft, chewy pretzel and has ingredients like cheese, ham or pesto, and tomato? Starting your own Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise can achieve this goal. That’s why people around the world go crazy over the pretzel concoctions of this store. We can guide you to learn their business plan here.

Wetzel's Pretzels gained a lot of following in around 30 states across America as well as in countries like Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and Armenia. And all of these happened in as little as 15 years.

The owner, Rick Wetzel, was taunted in school as “Hey Wetzel, you pretzel!” And over time, he started to concoct his own recipe for a pretzel that was delicious and perfectly hand-rolled. The pretzels are also served fresh and hot from the oven.

Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise Business Plan

A Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise can operate in a space of at least 400-600 square feet with a 15 feet frontage minimum. You can also opt for the freestanding kiosk with a 200 square feet minimum space and an off-site storage.

The company offers a very comprehensive franchise support that includes:

  • Site selection with lease negotiation
  • Store layout and design
  • In-store and classroom training
  • Promotional and marketing support
  • Private rights to use the logo and trademark of Wetzel’s Pretzels
  • Use of the company’s confidential recipes
  • Assistance in purchasing paper and food products
  • Use of the Operations Manual
  • On-going Marketing and Operational support

To know more about the company and ask your questions, you can visit any of their store locations to smell, see, and taste for yourself if you want to establish your own franchise. You can also check out their official website to fill out the Franchise Information Request.

Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise Business Guide

To be qualified for a Wetzel's Pretzels Franchise, you need $200,000 minimum net worth at least or $60,000 of liquid assets. Your initial investment includes the franchise fee, signage and inventory, equipment, and construction (leasehold improvements). The franchise fee is $35,000 and the total investment estimate is about $107,500-$256,000. However, this estimate does not include landlord deposits, attorney’s fees, project supervision, engineer, architect, or consultant when applicable.

Before opening the store, you must complete a two-week training program successfully. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step process including store operation techniques, personnel management, payroll, quality control, marketing, equipment maintenance, bookkeeping, inventory management, and equipment layout. Then, after your store opening, you will be assured of ongoing advertising. In addition, you will still continue to receive support from the company including a periodical visit from a field service representative who will regularly visit you to help you deal with issues while managing your store.

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