Starting Your Own Seminar Training Institute

If you have experience conducting seminars and trainings for someone else’s business, then starting your own seminar training institute maybe the next step for you.

You may have some ideas on the other aspects of running this kind of business, so here are more helpful tips to help you be your own boss.

Many companies consider their people as one of their valuable assets. That is why they invest money on seminars and trainings to enhance their personnel’s personal and career growth. You can start your seminar training institute small by focusing on specific areas you are strong at and expand from there later on.

It is essential to have a clear picture of how your business will operate by creating your business plan. Some questions that you need to answer are:

  • What kind of seminar training institute do you want your business to be known for?
  • What topics or subject areas will you be offering?
  • Will you conduct the training yourself or will you hire speakers on a regular or per session basis?
  • Who is your target market?
  • How will you market your business?

If you have prior experience as a seminar speaker, you may want to set up programs where you can have a share in the presentation while bringing other speakers on board as well so you can minimize on speaker’s fee. You may also opt to offer online courses, which is growing in popularity right now, where employees can devote some hours each week from their own workstations.

When choosing your topics, the best way to get started is by identifying topics that you know already, that you are enthusiastic about and that your potential clients need or want. According to the National Speakers Organization, the most popular topics that its members conduct on are in the areas of motivation (43%), communication (35%) and business (30%). Included in the top 10 topics are leadership, management, change, customer service, team-building, presentation skills and inspiration.

In terms of target market, you have a wide range to choose from. Almost all business whether big or small as well as individuals have a desire to learn insights in different areas. Depending on the topics you plan to offer, you can zero in on several industries where you can market your seminar training institute.

When looking for clients, start by creating a database of prospective companies and their decision-makers so you know who the right person is within the organization to send your proposals or advertising materials. Come out with a portfolio of your credentials, brochures on trainings you will offer, a website and business card.

Businesses spend big on training. Small businesses do not have the capacity to develop in-house training courses so they send their personnel to outside sources. Big corporations also often decide to send their employees to off-site seminars and trainings or hire outside speakers to talk within their facilities because this is more cost-effective than setting up in-house training programs.

You may also set your sights on professional and civic associations. These organizations always search for speakers for their annual conventions, workshops and conferences. Business networking groups are top candidates for motivation, goal-setting, positive thinking and time management programs.

Non-business organizations are also a good market for your business. These are churches, temples, senior centers, and different groups such as men’s, women’s, singles’, single parents, local sports, writers, book and garden clubs. They may have smaller budgets that corporate accounts but you can gain valuable experience and exposure. You never know where this exposure will lead you since chances are decision-makers of big corporations are also members of these different clubs.

Another market that you may tap is the mass market or the public at large. This sector is hungry for self-help programs. Check out the list of bestselling books in the bookstore or topics inside popular magazines to help you know what people want.

Expand your network by joining the National Speakers Organization. Its website shows profiles of different speakers on various topics which can help market your services.

Startup costs for this business is relatively low. You can start anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000.

During these trying times, companies cut costs on seminars and trainings. You may consider offering a seminar that will have an audience from different companies, businesses and organizations to ensure a bigger crowd for you.


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