Becoming an OSHA Instructor

Workplace accidents are costly to the victim, the company owner, and the government. That is why there is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that trains people on how to implement safety procedures in the workplace.

Would you like to become an OSHA instructor, teaching workers safety and health hazard recognition and prevention?

For humane, economic, and legal reasons, no one should risk his life or put himself in danger for the sake of work. Workplace injury whether to employees, suppliers, visitors, or passers-by results in both monetary and non-monetary costs to the victim, the company owner, and the government. That is why the government has put in place the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a regulating body under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. It trains people to implement measures to ensure the safety and well-being of American workers, by among others, training people on how to implement safety procedures in the workplace. Would you like to be one with OSHA in spreading safety practices at work? Be an OSHA instructor.

Where to Get OSHA Instructor Training

OSHA provides training to people who would like to teach others how to implement safety measures in their place of work. They do it directly through their OSHA Outreach Training Program. They also have authorized third parties who provide similar training. The training qualifies trainees to teach 10-hour or 30-hour courses in construction (or 500 basic instructor course) or general industry (or 501 basic instructor courses) safety and health hazards. The training lasts for a week. It is conducted by the OSHA Training Institute and the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers.

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Requirements for OSHA Trainees

To train for Course 500, you must have 5 years of construction safety experience and have completed training on Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry or equivalent training. To train for Course 501, you must have 5 years of general industry safety experience and have completed Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry or equivalent training. Completion of the course qualifies one to teach courses about safety and health hazard recognition and prevention in construction or the general industry. The authority to teach lasts for four years, at which time, the trainer must attend an updated course. If you are interested to attend a trainer's course, find an OSHA Training Institute and the OSHA Training Institute Education Centers near you. They are located around the country. If you are a trainer, you can enlist your profile in This is an OSHA recognized site (a free site) where outreach trainers put their names and training schedules so that workers looking for training may easily find one that they can avail of. For more information on how you can become an OSHA instructor, visit this Weblink.

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  • josie saintil said on July 3, 2009
    hello, i'm interested in being an osha instructor. I DO HAVE HIV, CPR AND FIRST AID CERTIFICATES. WHERE ARE YOUR TEACHING LOCATIONS? I'M IN FLORIDA.
  • brent d. perrine said on September 15, 2009
    i just finished my 30 hr course and am interested in the 510 and 500 courses. whats the job out look for instructors and base pay.
  • sudhakar sondur said on November 16, 2009
    Hi, I am interested to become an OSHA certified trainer. Please advise. I am working in Dubai as Corporate HSE Manager. Regards Sudhakar
  • Edwinna Herrera said on November 16, 2009
    My business location is 120 Asch Loop Bronx New York, 10475. I'm interested in being a osha instructor. I have 30 osha and 40 hour hazwapor
  • Felix John Irani said on December 14, 2009
    I would like to be an OSHA trainer i have more than 16 year experiences in Construction and Oil and Gas projects, i live in Toronto-canada and i can travel USA, please inform me ASAP. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Felix
  • Mohsin said on December 23, 2009
    hello, i'm interested in being an osha instructor for Oilfield Courses like H2S Awarness, Frisr Aid, HAZCOM. WHERE ARE YOUR TEACHING LOCATIONS? I am in Saudia Aabia. Also what is the qualification and experience required for this course
  • mohamed said on January 6, 2010
    i am very interested to be a osha instructor an i am 10 years experience in safety as a instructor and i have all osha courses 510-511-7600-7600 program - hazwoper - risk assessments and i am also certified safety manger trainer from nasp. i am from egypt and i ask if i can take this course with an instructor from osha in egypt this course is 500 - 501 - 7600 and what is the cost for trainer daily rate and what is the period of each courses
  • Nhlapo Vusi said on January 27, 2010
    I am very much interested in becoming one of the country`s top OSHA Instructor. In 2000 I went for the training on OHSA by then and we did the 500 and the our trainer did not provide us with Certificates and she disappeared. Tell me where can I find these trainings around Free State Province or Mpumalanga Province and how much is the course for the 500 and 501
  • dave fitzpatrick said on March 1, 2010
    Dear Sir; I am a certified instructor thru the osha program to give coal mining safety classes. I would like you expand into the osha regs. to be come a certified instructor. Could you please help me with this? Thank You Dave Fitzpatrick
  • Robert Mashburn said on March 7, 2010
    I am presently residing in Cairo Egypt, i would like to take the train the trainer course so i can teach osha 10 & 30 hour courses
  • Joseph Morales Feliciano said on April 6, 2010
    I presently work for A construction company as a safety consultant and have taken safety course myself. I would like to become a outreach trainer and make a difference in this field. u may reach me at 347-517-8407, present address is 344 thomasboyland Bklyn NY. Thank u
  • Ray Southworth said on April 14, 2010
    I am both an OSHA and MSHA instructor, I am looking for job opportunities both companies or freelance. For companies without a safety program, I can help you set up a program that works. Please contact me
  • Andrew T Murape said on April 16, 2010
    Is it possible to get a scholarship? i am interested to study your courses online but i am in a serious cash flow problem .
  • Christine said on April 20, 2010
    I would like to become an OSHA instructor, what classes do I need and how much will it cost.
  • Felix John Irani said on May 15, 2010
    Team, please advice where i could attend the instructor trainee course. regards. Felix
  • Hossam Elhadary said on May 16, 2010
    Hi, please advice where to do that in Cairo Egypt
  • Pablo Villalta Calderon said on June 13, 2010
    I want to become a OSHA instructor in my country Costa Rica, but i dont now how i can to do that, can you guide me to get this please. If not possible how can I get it trough internet or other way.
  • Danny said on June 14, 2010
    I am a Resident manager in NYC for over 15 yrs and I took my 30 hr class already. I want to become an instructor and be able to teach. What should I do next?
  • ayman emara said on June 21, 2010
    please call me if you want to get OSHA train the trainer courses in egypt on 0126747990
  • ayman emara said on July 7, 2010
    hi no body called me regarding osha train the trainer course in cairo will start asap.
  • sudhakar said on July 13, 2010
    Sir i did iosh, osha, fire & safety courses i would like to go for OSHA Trainer course 500 & 501. pl advise any OSHA center in mumbai Provide me details thanks ssk
  • Jordan said on July 15, 2010
    I want to teach the OSHA 10 and 20. I am certified. Where can I teach? What is the pay? I live in Cincinnati Ohio.
  • shiraz quasaif said on July 28, 2010
    I want to be an osha trainer as i did osha 30 hour course and Iosh managerial safety course and now i'm pursuing Nebosh. I have more than 5 years of working experience in Oil and gas field. Can i become an Osha trainer? I am from India (Mumbai) Maharastra.
  • Nick Swan said on August 18, 2010
    I live in Ludington, Mi, and teach at the local Community College in electronics and Electrical wiring as well as Industrial Electronics. I am interested in including the NFPA 70E series covered by OSHA section 1910.332. What would I need to do to be able to OSHA certify my students for this? I also include the Red Cross CPR/AED certification in my class (I am certified with Red Cross also) Thank You
  • shadab quasmi said on September 2, 2010
    hi, i like to involve myself as an OSHA instructor in India and for this i want to go for an OSHA instructor course in India. i need your help and support so that i go for my goal easily. can you please help me tell from which place i can do the course of instructor and how and all about it. shadab quasmi
  • Gena Byrd said on September 14, 2010
    I am a licensed certified OHSA 10/30 instructor in the South Phoenix area in AZ. I am also a certified CPR/AED Trainer.
  • Florim said on September 24, 2010
    I have more than 11 years construction/general industry safety experience, completed OSHA 30hrs Construction/General Industry few years ago and will like to go for OSHA Train the Trainer course 500 & 501, is there any way to complete this in southern part of Europe.
  • R.M.ARULVANNAN said on September 25, 2010
    I would like to get approval to provide OSHA/NEBOSH international courses at cuddalore dt. in India. Hence please advise me for the same. Here I'm running a training institute for safety programs.
  • ANILBABU said on October 13, 2010
    Presently I am in UAE as a Safety Officer with 10 years experience in HSE FILED. I would like to become an OSHA Instructor and ISO 18001 lead auditor. kindly provide nearest institution or online facilities and Fees and course details. regards anil
  • roger j howe said on November 5, 2010
    i am a qualfied U.A. Instructor and for the Province of New Brunswick Canada ,i am looking for more teaching of the fire protection trade(sprinkler system installations.
  • Nisha Yaseen said on December 21, 2010
    We are conducting OSHA, IOSH, Train the trainer, Nebosh in chennai, cochin, and Bangalore. for further details contact me @ Kind Regards, AR.Nisha
  • PRIYA said on December 29, 2010
    Hi, We are conducting OSHA, safety trainings,give OSHA,NCS, ISO(IRCA-uk) Certifications and many more,across India,specially in north India . for further details..feel free to call on 099150-28465/08146991711, at
  • Kubra said on January 6, 2011
    Hi, We are conducting OSHA, safety trainings,give OSHA USA Certifications and many more,across India,specially in north India dubai Gulf. for further details..feel free to call on 00919248437337
  • Collins E.H.S. Consultant said on January 6, 2011
    Safety specialist with twenty five years of general industry experience and a home based consulting business seeking employment in South Central Kentucky. Experience in the private sector and large corporation arenas. Have experience in implementation and maintenance of multiple safety programs including obtaining O.S.H.A. VPP Star Site status. Certified Fork Truck Practical Application Trainer.
  • SUBHASH R M said on January 29, 2011
    I am working as HSE Adviser in Abudhabi Onshore oil operation Prjt in UAE, I have done courses BSc.Industrial Chemistry/ Graduation IN fire safety engineering( IFE UK)/Diplomas in Fire safety and Industrial Safety Engineering/NEBOSH/IOSH, OSHA, Etc. I would like to enter in Training field , Also I have experience in Training field in Companies. pls advise.
  • Nixon JOHN said on February 24, 2011
    I wish to join the course OSHA - Train The Trainer. My location is now in AbuDhabi, U.A.E. Basically I am an Indian so kindly provide information about this course where I can join and study. Nixon
  • mohamednisai said on March 5, 2011
    Sir, I am working as Safety Engineer in UAE for the last 6 YEARS. I likely to become OSHA trainer. Please advice the institute from where i can take the training in INDIA
  • Nawaz said on March 15, 2011
    Hi Sir. I am interested to become an OSHA certified trainer to teach OSHA. five years experience as safety officer. I did OSHA, NASP from UAE. what classes do I need and how much will it cost. thanks
  • SAMUEL said on March 22, 2011
    dear sir, i have more than 12 years experience in health and safety environmental field in India and abroad. at presently i am working in india as HSE Consultant. i would like to become a OSHA Trainer, so please guide me, how can i take training in india. thanks
  • Munshad MM said on April 20, 2011
    Hi Frns, I am Munshad MM. I am an Osha Trainer. Before it was possible to do the train the trainer course online. But currently they are not providing Osha online Train The Trainer Course. Mob:+919048448340 You Have to go to US to do the trainer Course
  • tadele muluneh said on May 5, 2011
    hi. I have Bsc degree in occupational health and safety by taking 121hr courses. now I am a safety officer of mugher cement industry in ETHIOPIA having 2 years experience. I am interested to become a certified OSHA trainer and instructor. please advice me how can i get training?
  • khaled Elsahy said on May 12, 2011
    I'm very interested to be a osha instructor and i am 15 years experience in safety, and Environment as a instructor and i have all OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001. I'm from egypt and i ask if i can take this course with an instructor from osha in egypt this course is 500 - 501 - 7600 and what is the cost for trainer daily rate and what is the period of each courses, please contact me, phone 0020105621222. Khaled Elsahy
  • Mohamed said on May 15, 2011
    I'm very interested to be an OSHA instructor .I'm from Khartoun, Sudan .I want to know what is nearest location to me do this certificate .
  • HENDERSON said on May 15, 2011
    I am based in Kenya and would like to undertake the OSHA Instructor Course, would you kindly advice further, regards
  • Alaa S. Al-Sibai said on May 26, 2011
    Hi from Syria but living in Saudi Arabia and i wanna to be a Outreach Trainer, and i already finished the 511 course. could somebody help me to get that. Best Regards, Alaa S. Al-Sibai, +966 506 435 893
  • Rosa Toledo said on June 7, 2011
    I'm looking for bilingual Spanish/English OSHA certified instructors anywhere in the U.S to work along with Black Diamond Language Services as part of an expansion of our services. If available and interested please e-mail me at or call 866-994-2357 ext. 1169. Thank you... We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  • jemal shiferaw said on June 10, 2011
    hey guys i am jemal shiferaw from ethiopia i have BSC degree in occupational health & safety taking 123 cr/hours now i want to become OSHA certified to become the OSHA trainer pls inform me how to get this chance...THANKS
  • Kiruba Daniel said on June 18, 2011
    Hi, I am from India, I'd like to start a OSHA training center in our city. I would be grateful if you shall let me know the procedure for getting an approved training center for OSHA. Thank you. :)
  • mohamed elnady said on July 17, 2011
    hi . i am mohamed form egypt i have good experiences in safety in drilling i need to have osha 501 and i need to know how can i apply online or an approved training center for OSHA501 her in egypt my email is mhamed my contact number is +20122522661 thanks
  • Navendra Singh said on August 6, 2011
    I am SHE engineer working in Jubail saudi arabia. I want to do OSHA Instructor course. Kindly advise me how can I do this while working in saudi. best regards,
  • Pareedkutty said on August 21, 2011
    Hai I am a HSE Practitioner with 25 years of experience. I would like to write OSHA-501 COURSE by working in my present country ( I am working in Dubai in the middle east ). Can you please advise me on how to do this. Regards Pareed Kutty
  • Darrell Shriver said on September 2, 2011
    18895 Hwy H, Elk Creek, MO 65464. I am interested in teaching the 10 hour Osha Course, where can I get training for this and how much does it cost?
  • N.Saravanan said on September 13, 2011
    Dear sir, I am in Chennai,India. I want to undergo the trainer course in a country which is near India. Kindly advise me. I have Experience in construction, oil gas safety.
  • IFTIKHAR AWAN said on September 22, 2011
    I am Safety Officer in Saudi German Hospital Sana'a Yemen. I want to do some course from OSHA related to my field. Please advice me and nearest location. 00967-734222940
  • Raven M. said on October 3, 2011
    Dear Sir, I want to have the OSHA 500 and 501 Train the Trainer Course. I am working here in Dubai as HSE Engineer in one of the leading natural gas distribution and supply company. I want to upgrade my expertise especially in conducting the training to others. Please help me. Thanks a lot.
  • attique said on October 24, 2011
    any one want to do course osha online he will contact with me 0966592706445
  • John Patterson said on October 31, 2011
    I am interested in becoming an OSHA instructor in the NYC area. which is for infection control; first aid.
  • Teri Lovett said on November 7, 2011
    I need osha 30 hr. instructor class in east central okla. Is their a week end or night class that I could take. Oil field work.
  • Romeo Bangasan said on November 17, 2011
    I just finished my basic OSH and I would like to continue my training in HAZMAT. My location is in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I'm a paramedic instructor.
  • Sayed Abbas Hussaini said on November 26, 2011
    I am very interested to be an OSHA instructor. Right now I'm in Afghanistan. I am M.Sc in Occupational Health and safety. Also I have some other related certificate such as OSHA 30 hours in construction, Risk analysis, HSE, OHSAS (RW TUV NORD, German Academy. Moreover, I have more than 5 years experience as a Safety Manager in Construction and general industries. could you please introduce some OSHA Trainer Course near our country (Afghanistan), like Dubai, India or other places??!
  • Sudhakar Sondur said on January 14, 2012
    Hi, I'm Dubai based HSE Manager. I'm authorized OSHA, OSH Academy and NASP Safety Diploma Trainings / courses provider. At the moment I'm looking for Consultants from UAE, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries to promote business to provide quality training at affordable price with a vision to ensure satisfaction of all parties involved. Cell +971555437845,
  • Kenneth Roland Ekenedilichukwu nzemeke said on January 14, 2012
    I have an HND(Higher national Diploma) in Mechanical Engineering,i am a certified HSE supervisor from the nigerian institute of safety professional and in 1 week time i will be attending an OSHA academy training in Nigeria here but presently i have no job doing and i wish u can link me to how i can make use of all this training to become a consultant or link me to a better job where i can gain more experience. I live in Bishopscourt Asaba Delta state Nigeria, you can also reach me on +2437033760830
  • muhanad issa said on January 29, 2012
    Good day, With reference to above mentioned subject please send the detailed information of H2s Trainer course. Provide detail of instructor, Accreditation of mentioned course & quotation containing price if arranged in Kuwait or Dubai.
  • Mary O said on February 16, 2012
    I took OSHA 510, and 511, I am interested in continuing this program to be a supervisor,what other courses should I take and where are these courses are offered. thank you.
  • Abdelkader said on February 20, 2012
  • Refat said on March 7, 2012
    Good Day, I have more than 10 years experience in general industry and 12 years in construction field and I have engineering BS degree . I passed 10 ,30 OSHA General and construction courses . Can I become OSHA trainer if I complete 500 course and the other courses even if I am not US citizen .
  • Sharryn said on June 4, 2012
    I want to become certified to teach h2s and CPR training I am in Texas. Please let me know where I might be able to find this thanks for your time.
  • ZAMIR said on June 14, 2012
    I have successfully completed OSHA 30 HRS, NEBOSH IGC & OSH PROFESSIONAL 132 HRS as well I have 11+ years experience in HSE field. I want to complete OSHA course # 510 and 500 to become a OSHA trainer. Pls help me Regards
  • Mary Mccrea said on June 19, 2012
    looking for a personal O.S.H.A instructor for my Company. Mary Mccrea Executive Administrator, L.J.W. Services, 347-838-0701
  • bobo said on June 21, 2012
    hi. i would like to be an osha instructor please advise me
  • Cornell J Wallace Jr said on July 23, 2012
    If you would like to attend OSHA Training of any kind, looking to become an Independent Instructor and make some money on your own, please contact us. We are Authorized Health and Safety Training Providers of OSHA Training.
  • Cornell J Wallace Jr said on July 23, 2012
    Mary Mccrea, please send an email to and we will assist you.
  • Ashraf said on July 26, 2012
    I am in Saudi Arabia and I am interested to take OSHA course 510 and 500 for construction and 501 and 511 for general industry. I have 13 years experience in HSE field. Thanks
  • Mohammad Zasad Ibna Anis said on July 28, 2012
    I am from Bangladesh and presently working in Singapore as safety professional more than five years. I have completed Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health from Singapore. On the other hand, I am very keen to become a OSHA or NEBOSH trainer. Moreovee, I would like to run a OSHA or NEBOSH training center in my country. I would be very grateful if you provide me the right procedure to become a trainer and start an approved training center in Bangladesh. Thank you very much. I am available by this email:
  • Ahmad Seyar Maiwand said on August 16, 2012
    Dear sir, I am from Afghanistan I'm very interested to be an OSHA instructor and I have 3 year experience in civil engineering. I want to know Where is the nearest location to get OSHA training course please, once again I am in capital of Afghanistan Kabul. thanks.
  • Wuna said on August 26, 2012
    Dear sir, i am from Mongolia, i am very interested to be a certified OSHA instructor. i am experienced at Mining field (Rio Tinto's) as Environmental training officer for 4 years. How to take the OSHA trainings, i'ld like to run in America or Australia. Thank you very much. I am available by this email:
  • Samuel moten said on September 5, 2012
    I am currently employed buy local 777 plumber union ... every year we do a 10 hour class for the past years... and I also took a 30 hour one. I want to know what I need to do to be an osha instructor... I live in new haven ct. And where is the nearest one to me and what's starting pay
  • Andrew V. Lamanilao Safety Officer 0532379319 said on September 28, 2012
    I am interested to take the training as a OSHA training instructor. How much it would cost me and who to contact with.
  • wally reed said on November 2, 2012
    hello i have a osha 30 certified and would like to become an instructor i have 30 years in construction 17 years in maintenance and safety coordinator in live in oceanside, ca.
  • Lynn Sherman said on November 2, 2012
    I am in Ohio at a new photovoltaic module plant and would like to take the 501 train the trainer course. when is is offered, what is the cost, and can part of it be taken on line. I can stay in Hollywood but would need to know the dates and the time to take what is necessary in Fort Lauderdale. Lynn
  • Joseph Morales Feliciano said on December 20, 2012
    Hi! I live in Brooklyn NY, and have over 5yrs experience in construction and site safety, as well as violation removal specialist. I have taught 8,10 and 16 hr Osha courses already and have taken the 8 and 10 myself. I would like though now to be certified to teach and write the cards for the 10 and 30 hr there an instructor in my area that can do this!!!
  • Ali Raza said on December 31, 2012
    Above 9 years of experience in the field of HSE Management & implementation/Training Analysis in Oil & Gas, power Plant’s Construction/Commissioning and Operations. Member of IIRSM UK, Professionally IOSH & NEBOSH IGC Certified Approved HABC Tutor, wanna conduct OSHA Academy courses in Pakistan.
  • Nikko Pare said on January 9, 2013
    Hi Everyone, i have 8 yrs experience in Health and Safety here in the Middle East and i'm currently working Vector International, a training school and just recently we have been approved by the OSHA Board to be and exclusive training provider in the Middle East and Asia. next month we will start providing all OSHA Courses regularly. anyone interested in availing the OSHA course please email me.
  • rosie willford said on January 16, 2013
    do i need five years of construction or equivalent. I trained several years ago to go into safety but was unable to find a job so was working as an E.A at a school.
  • Lynn Sherman said on February 11, 2013
    I am in northwest Ohio and looking for a 501 course to complete the train the trainer. Scheduling is an issue as we are adding two shifts to our production system and I need to train all of these individuals. Saturday courses to get the work done would be great. I will also be in the Fort lauderdale area at the end of March and can stay a week on either side of the end of the month. Are there any courses available?
  • lynn said on February 15, 2013
    I am an H2S certified instructor and currently do HAZMAT awareness, H2S certifications, first aid & cpr training as well as Slip, Trip Fall awareness training for the employees at our company. I am the Director of Safety Operations for a Crude Oil Marketing Company and prior was a Police Officer for 17 years. I have only been in the business for a year and was interested in becoming an OSHA Instructor; however I noticed that you must have a minimum of 5 years experience. Is there another type of certified instructor courses you could recommend that would be comparable. I am considering starting my own business (training) and need to ensure I have the property credentials in order to train others. Your input would be most appreciated.
  • John said on April 11, 2013
    Am currently working in oil and gas industry and I would like to take a 10hr or 30hr course. Am currently at Nairobi Kenya. Where do you offer OSHA training in Kenya?
  • Robert D. Flowers said on April 12, 2013
    I'm currently conducting Safety and Health training for the American Miner. I'm certified to teach classes for New inexperienced miners and annual refresher training for experienced miners. I'm certified through MSHA to teach these classes, AN,IS,MS,IN,IU UNLIMITED, my MII is M76209113. All of my training was conducted at the National Mine Academy in Beckley WV. I Have an approved Part 48 Sub Part B Training Plan. I was an MSHA Inspector for 30 years and spent 3 months with OSHA in Chicago Area in 1981 doing inspections out of the Niles, Illinois Office under. My question is what do I have to do to become a certified OSHA Instructor.
  • f parikh said on April 26, 2013
    i am a post graduate in Industrial Hygiene and working in petrochemical sector in INDIA from last 11 yrs in HSE departement. I want to become and OSHA trainer. Please guide me if any body i can contact in India either in Mumbai or Delhi.
  • rahman said on May 1, 2013
    am having seven years experience in construction safety field as a safety adviser. i would like to become a osha trainer please guide, waiting for your favorable reply, Rahman
  • Raafat said on May 11, 2013
    I am working as HSE team leader in Heavy oil field for six years. I am living in Egypt ,Cairo.
  • Mohamed Kamel said on June 17, 2013
    I have successfully completed OSHA 30 HRS, NEBOSH IGC & NASP Management/trainer as well I have over 5 years experience in HSE field. I want to complete OSHA course # 510 and 511 and then 500 and 501 to become a OSHA trainer. does Osha or any other training center offer this courses in CANADA or EGYPT? best regards
  • Gerald Homan said on August 2, 2013
    I'm a retired railroad engineer and interested in working as a freelance OSHA safety trainer. Do I need to take both the 511 and 501 courses to do this or just the 511 course to give basic training in general industry? I am in the Houston, TX (USA) area. Any help, advice, or contacts would be appreciated. Thank You.
  • marvin medley said on September 17, 2013
    I am a Certified OSHA OUTREACH TRAINER. I can teach the OSHA 10 the OSHA 30 and the 40 hour Hazwopper. I am located in Washington state. I am willing to travel as well. My cell is 509 366 8776 my nae is Marvin.
  • Paul Koigi said on September 17, 2013
    I am based in Nairobi , Kenya and seeking to be an OSHA Trainer. I hold NEBOSH Certificate as well as qualifications in Risk Management and Industrial Accident Investigations . I have more than 10 years practice in construction safety, and would like to be able to teach safety to others. Please advise how you might assist me.
  • Todd Kuhnhausen said on December 3, 2013
    looking for information on train the trainer classes for hazwopper and confined space rescue in or around Portland, Ore. i have CPR, AED, BBP, O2 certificates to teach but need the other 2. any help would be appreciated.
  • Adelinah Kilonzo said on January 23, 2014
    I am a Kenyan on going with Msc OHS masters course, owning a degree in Technology chemistry, and Analytical chemistry Diploma. I would like to be a OSHA Trainer, please advice
  • Caroline Lelei said on March 16, 2014
    Am in Kenya and would like to become an OSHA trainer. I am a qualified Environmental Health and safety officer with a Higher National Diploma In Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Grant said on June 25, 2014
    Just wanting to know when and where you're next classes for the osha 510 and 500 and what are the prices.
  • Gary barrios said on July 16, 2014
    Yes I was wondering what classes do you have to take to be able to teach the oshaa 500 and the oshaa 10


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