Become a Distributor for a Company

Being a distributor can earn you money because this is also one type of business that is responsible for the storing as well as transportation of materials in the logistics manner.

This can be your ladder to earning more money for you and your family.

To become a successful distributor, you must invest on good trucks, obtain nice storage spaces, find good clients, and install efficient software for logistic management. The storage spaces required depend on what the customers’ need. Depending on the resources, local competitors, and capacity, the distributor can focus and specialize in variety of sectors. Thus, it is very important to know exactly the target group of clients and buy equipments that are necessary for their kind of needs. For instance; for the distributor of dairy/frozen products, you must obtain a refrigerated warehouse as well as trucks for storage and distribution.

Understanding Distributorship

Distributorship is another kind of business/organization that provides storage and transportation of goods. The size of the place required varies greatly on the type of customers, number of owned warehouses, and the materials to be distributed. The distribution companies are the one responsible for the movement of items around the world. They can also join in smaller companies’ networks and provide access to the local resources. Distributorship is a good type of business that can earn you money however it is just like any other type of business that you must put your best in order to succeed.

Finding a Good Warehouse

If you want a successful distributor it is very important to have the best storage space needed by your client. It is quite expensive to rent or to own warehouses in a large city while a central area near the major highway, waterfront, or airport can be bought for much reasonable price when the location is outside the limits of the main city. So if you can find a nice warehouse outside the city boundaries but near a highway or airport or waterfront, you can choose to purchase it because it is still a good catch. Just consider what type of materials you would distribute as well as the clients who would need your company and you will not have a problem choosing the right warehouse.

Method of transporting the Goods

To be a successful distributor, the method of transporting materials must be reliable and efficient. You can buy your own truck or just use the courier service. The distributor having its own truck must employ staffs, pay for gas and insurance and the company has the complete control of it. On the other hand, if you will use the courier, you will not shoulder the maintenance of the equipment yet you will definitely pay huge amount of fees for this. Just remember that as the market changes; it is important that you can adjust to its needs.


  • Huda said on February 7, 2013
    Thank you for all your valuable information it really helped me a lot, but my question is do I have to get a license to be a distributor. I live in illinios and they have a lot of license it seems confusing what kind of license to get to be able to get the product from the manufacture and drive it to the stores and the businesses? Thank you
  • Frank Gorileng Kgope said on February 9, 2013
    I am a South African citizen, kindly forward me an information for distributing license and registration. This is a good business idea, I appreciate for the information. I am an upcoming entrepreneur but through your help my future is bright. I want to distribute for shoe components companies that are overseas based because there are shortage of materials in our area town. Any interested company I am ready for a deal anytime from now.
  • edwin Bwanga said on December 27, 2013
    thank you so much for this rare information right now i am on my way to implementing the key principles you have taught me
  • Benson. O. Godwin said on January 9, 2014
    It is a well, explanatory distributorship idea, I learnt about. I am Interested in becoming a distributorship, I will like you, to give me a workable opportunity. I am an african, from nigeria.
  • Catherine said on February 4, 2020
    Hi please help I want to distribute small goods for any company around Johannesburg.
  • SK ikbal said on April 9, 2021
    What do I need to do for becoming a distributor? Distributer ship ke liye kya karna hoga?


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