How to Become a Nurse Educator

Becoming a nurse educator is a very fulfilling career. They are registered nurses that have an advanced training on providing nursing instructions to different students on nursing education programs and they give knowledge and train students to become good nurses.

Today, one of the important fields in medical technology is the nurse educator.

Nurse educators are the ones who provide theoretical as well as practical training to those students who wanted to be a fully certified nurse in the future. They are also registered nurses who have received more advanced trainings in order to provide students with nursing instructions.

What a Nurse Educator Do and the Training She Needs?

Nurse educators plan, develop, assess, and implement programs and curriculum in nursing education. They generally teach students who want to become professional nurses as well as graduate students who are pursuing an advanced degree in nursing. Furthermore, they continue the education of nurses practicing their profession. Nurse educators give students meaningful and helpful instructions as well as supervise their clinical experiences. They ensure that the needs of the healthcare environment are achieved. The trainings of a nurse educator must consists of being a registered nurse and already have experiences on nursing settings. They also must have a doctorate or even just a master degree in nursing education. In some clinical position settings, a bachelor degree can be sufficient.

Then they need to learn the important skills necessary to provide those nursing instructions suited to variety of nurses-to-be. They must learn the principles and learning process of adult education, curriculum development, student counseling, and program evaluation. Most of the nurse educators obtain the CNE (Certified Nurse Educator) certification from the National League of Nursing. Their skills are up-to-date with the advancement in medical technology since they continuously complete added trainings and educations throughout their profession.

Employment for a Nurse Educator

The job prospects for nurse educators are excellent especially to those with extensive and really great experiences in the past. There are many job openings since the medical industry needs to replace retired and transferred nursing educators as well as those who left for other reasons. The profession of being a nurse educator is really a great choice for people who really wants to be a nurse and at the same time very passionate in teaching. A nurse educator must be able to provide students with meaningful experiences as well as lead them to be a professional nurse in the future. The essential characteristics of a nurse educator must be very confident, motivated, creative, and critical thinker. They must also have outstanding communication skills and can be able to interact with different students and all other professionals. Last but not the least is that they need to do well in a team environment thus know the word “teamwork” in their heart.


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