How to Become a Novelist

Everyone has its own story to tell and there are many ways to tell a story. Writing a novel is one of those ways that can help spreading the story you want to convey.

Thus, you should know the ideas on how to become a novelist.

If you want to indulge in the journey of publication it is important to be confident on what you are doing and at the same time persistent. Not all the time you can write well because it is inevitable that you might experience writer’s block. You should not worry about it because it happens to everybody. Writing a novel takes a lot of patience because you do not know how long it takes to come up with ideas to your satisfaction. However, you should not be discouraged instead be persistent. Before starting to write you should identify first your goal on how you will publish the story. Definitely, it would be easier to write a novel once you have the goal and passionate about it.

Brainstorm and Plan

The first thing to do to become a novelist is to brainstorm and prepare the story to write. You can think about your favorite novelists and novels that you love. Begin writing down ideas so that you can outline the story. To identify the relationship of the characters with each other you must draw lines. As soon as you find ideas strengthen the good ones and disregard the bad ones. In order to come up a good novel always think about the novel that you are dreaming to write. You can also map out the ideas so that it will be easier to expand. Keep in mind that writing requires most of your time and energy that is why it is necessary to schedule your time to write and stick on it.

Write and Revise

Writer’s block is one of the big problems in the writing process. In case there is a part of the novel that you feel difficulty you can jump to another part. There is nothing wrong to write a novel even if it is not in order. Likewise, you should not get stuck on the process instead you should get ideas as you go along the pages. Allow time in revising the previous work so that you can come up a cohesive final narrative.

Submit for Publication

As you have finished writing your novel you will end up to the final hurdle that is the publishing. However, before you decide to submit it for publication let your family and friends to read and edit the novel as much as possible. You should anticipate for rejection yet you need not worry if you are confident about your story. You can submit to as many publishers as possible. Take criticism positively and always hope for the better.

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