How to Become a Comedy Writer

They say that it is easy to become a drama writer than a comedy writer. Becoming a comedy writer invokes true talent and anyone who has become equates of transcending the woes of this world.

On the contrary, becoming a comedy writer can be learned by right dedication and right study of techniques. Read and learn more.

This world as seen by many is full of woes. One has to struggle everyday to do the daily grind and there seems no end to it. In this relation, this is the reason why for many writers writing serious matter and writing drama is something of an easy task. This follows the conclusion that becoming a comedy writer is a hard feat to do. First and foremost, to become a comedy writer indicates that he or she has overcome the negativity of this world. And then there is another factor coming in for you to become a comedy writer; getting the right reaction from your audience. It is very well known that it is difficult to make an audience laugh than make them cry. To become a comedy writer then seems to invoke true talent.

Nevertheless, one inspiring to be a comedy writer need not be forlorn or sad about the general statements mentioned above. Being a comedy writer can be learned through the right means. One need only know how to write and then study the techniques inherent in a comedy writing job.

Study is Important in Becoming a Comedy Writer

If you want to become a writer, especially a comedy writer, the need for study is important. There is no replacement for this task. Probably the first assignment you should study in becoming a comedy writer is to observe how gag shows and comedy programs create their comedy materials. You need to be observant of how they use certain techniques that receive quick hearty laugh from the audience and even you.

Moreover, the things you need to study in particular are the theories of comedy. These are surprise, biological inclinations, incongruity, tension release, superiority and filling in configurations and psychology. Meanwhile, there are aspects that we can call essentials of humor: hostility, realism, target, emotion, and exaggeration.

Testing What’ve Got

One way of tuning in your comedy writing skills is by tuning it, and what way to tune it by rehearsing it with your family. Say you have already written a good comedy skit or a joke. Try testing it first with your family and friends and see whether what you have written got the expected reactions from them. If you came short, then it is time to fine tune it in your writing lab.

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