How to Become an Airline Stewardess

Becoming an airline stewardess is such a prominent career. This is why, lots of women are dreaming of becoming an airline stewardess.

If you are one of those women, it is a must that you know the ways on how to become one and make sure to follow them adequately.

The airline stewardess or usually called flight attendant is considered to be the face of the company airline where is working with. She is the person whom the airline passengers interact with and see especially if they have some issues regarding the flight. Furthermore, an airline stewardess makes sure of the safety of all the passengers and she is trained well to handle almost all kinds of emergencies. Being an airline stewardess is such a challenging career. It is also fun and exciting yet the salary is just modest. Nevertheless, the benefits of being an airline stewardess are excellent and they can travel without spending much because they are given discounts or are free to fly.

What to do to become an Airline Stewardess?

So how can you become an airline stewardess? You must tailor your studies in high school for the career in hospitality and travel industry. You should also take a curriculum in college prep because in order to become an airline stewardess you need to finish college. Also, take foreign language for few years since you will be interacting with foreigners in the airline. At the minimum, you must have an associate degree finished in college. The most useful course in this career is the foreign language. You can also finish a bachelor’s degree majoring in hospitality management but definitely take foreign language as well.

Then get some experience in customer service by doing some part time jobs in this area while you are still studying. You can work as customer service in any company or you can even work as cashier or waiter in a restaurant. After finishing school, start your search. You need to always check the local newspapers as well as other job listings on the airline websites. Just be ready if it is necessary for you to relocate because usually this is really needed.

Attend flight trainings because you will be trained there intensively and will generally be taught of emergency procedures, coping up with unruly passengers or even in a hijacking situation, first aid, and training in water survival. Also, in flight trainings, you will be introduced on the rules and policies of the airline, handling passports, and other issues regarding on regulations. After you graduate, you must be ready to work at night, and even weekends or holidays. If you are tight in budget for schooling, avoid those commercial schools for flight attendants because they are really expensive and can reach up to $3000 for just a few weeks of training. Furthermore, they can’t really guarantee you a work after graduation.


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