About Beef O’Brady’s Franchise

Do you want to know more about Beef O’Brady franchise? This is an excellent business opportunity that you should not ignore. After all, who could resist good food and excellent service? If you want to invest in a worthy and profitable venture, franchise Beef O’Brady now and be able to make more money.

One of the best companies you can find today is the Beef O’Brady. They are well known for their great service and good food.

Have you tried eating their mouthwatering chicken wings especially the Buffalo style? The company was founded in 1985 by Jim Melody.

About Beef O’ Brady

This franchise opportunity is different from others you can find in the market. You need to be aware that Beef O’Brady is basically a gathering spot or hang out for teammates, family, and friends of little leagues and other recreational leagues. It is the perfect place for catching big games on television as well as to celebrate winning matches. Once you’re able to welcome your local community in to your new business, you will need to keep them satisfied so that you can ensure continuous business success. If you want to franchise Beef O’Brady, you will need to work with a youth or adult athletics, community organizations and local schools. Your new business venture should be involved in charity works, sporting events, and even school sponsorships. You will also need $35,000 for the franchise fee, 4% royalty fee, and 1.5% advertising fund, plus you’re the cost of your capital assets. Aside from that, you will also need to consider the building costs, furniture and fixtures, TV sets, video games, and restaurant equipment to start the operation.

What Beef O’ Brady Can Do for Franchisees

You have nothing to worry if you choose to be a franchisee because Beef O’Brady has a team in their home office to help you whenever you need support. You will even have a chance to interact with other franchise partners. As you undergo the franchising process, you will need to complete the application. You will have a chance to talk with other franchise partners of Beef O’Brady. It is also required that you attend the ‘Discovery Day’ and complete the power shift and personal interview. The restaurant industry is quite big but Beef O’Brady is now becoming a highly recognized name when it comes to family casual dining. The best among their menu is the Buffalo chicken wings but they also have featured beef menus.

A typical Beef O’Brady restaurant has television sets and video games. Their menus also include selected desserts, burgers, sandwiches, and chicken fingers. Wine and beer are also served but only in limited amounts. If you want to franchise Beef O’Brady, you need to be committed and it’s more to owning a business. If you have the characteristics of a community leader and you’re determined to become an entrepreneur, you are a likely candidate. Being a franchisee is not hard as long as you can comply with the company’s terms and in fact, you can also pass it to your children in the future.


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