Company Cost Saving Ideas

Cost saving for Office supplies can be beneficial for a company. Controlling the office supplies expenditures can save your company a lot of money every year so looking up for some ideas to the cost saving on office supplies is surely a great help.

When purchasing office supplies, you must ask yourself if those are really necessary and not just nice to look in your office.

Furthermore, those items must also be of high quality. Is it necessary that your office supplies are in branded names or it is just good to use generic brands? Is it okay to use less expensive and thinner packing tapes? Keep in mind that few dollars of savings on your most frequently bought office supplies will eventually add up to hundreds and even thousands of savings.

Compare Prices and Negotiate Purchase Contract

Shop online and compare prices. Do your homework and start comparing prices for items that you always purchase. Visit the website of the stores you know and view the lists of items that they are selling and then compare each one of them. As a matter of fact, you can even purchase your office supplies online. Just remember when comparing prices online, you should also factor the shipping costs because there is some retailers online who offers shipping costs for free on their minimum purchase. Also, if you always buy significant amount of supplies in your office every month, you can even negotiate a buying contract and get great deals with the supplier.

Order in Bulks

Even your business is just small; you can still save money from your office supplies. You should look for stuffs that you can buy in bulk. For instance, if you are always using papers then instead of purchasing in 500 paper sheet packs, you can consider purchasing a 5,000 sheet packs. You just have to store the items that you bought in bulks and add additional money to buy those larger quantities of items but the savings will be great.

Tips and Suggestions

Buy your office supplies with loyalty/rewards program or with rewards credit- card because you can save reward points and can even buy large quantities of office supplies using this. Consider going to warehouse clubs for most frequently used office supplies because warehouses offer bulk items but limited choices. Set-up a purchase account with the supplier you chose because they can provide you with a list or statement of your order for a month or year. This will make you see the savings you have done for a period of time or if there are increase in demands, you can track them and make necessary arrangements.


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