Starting a Wireless Retail Store

Cellular phone companies distribute wireless and data products directly to consumers. But they also authorize individuals and small businesses to become master dealers and sub-dealers.

Are you interested in becoming a wireless products retailer? We have a basic guide on what you need to have and to do to become a sub-dealer.

Wireless phone companies operate stores that directly distribute products and offer services like activation of post-paid accounts, extension of contracts, addition of phone features (Internet and e-mail service, GPS navigation, and music), and activating pre-paid phones. But to cater to a large demand by consumers, carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T also authorize individuals to offer their products and services in wholesale or retail.

Verizon has a program that offers those interested a chance to become a wholesaler. AT& T also has a vendor program for those interested in owning and operating a retail store selling wireless and landline products. If you are interested in selling a particular carrier’s product, you can visit its web site to obtain information about its vendor program. Or, you can affiliate with a master dealer nearest to you.

Becoming a Wireless Sub-dealer

As a sub-dealer, you will have to deal with the master dealer for everything you need for your store. The master dealer will give you access to wireless and data products and give you your commission for activating post paid accounts, extending contracts and adding features to existing phone plans (for prepaid activations, you will earn the mark up that you will put on the items you sell). To become a sub-dealer you must send an application to the master dealer. The approval of your application will depend much on your ability to show that you have the managerial skill to effectively run a business and a well-thought of strategy to make the business successful.

To become a sub-dealer, you must:

  • Have a strong background in marketing and sales, which are the pillars of the success of every wireless store. To beef up your qualifications, enrol in a program for a Wireless Retail Store Manager Certification.
  • Have a well-developed business plan. You’d need this to convince a master dealer you can be an asset in its business.
  • Meet other requirements to be specified by master dealers such as having high speed internet connection, and mechanism to ensure security and prevent fraud

How to Make a Good Wireless Retail Store Business Plan

In order to make a convincing business plan, you must include a specific location for you store – one that has high traffic and thus, likely to attract many customers to your store. That location may be in a kiosk in a mall. The business plan must also be specific in its targets and plan of actions. For a totally compelling business plan, specify your niche market, which could be an underserved portion of a population or a particular group of people.


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