Starting a Printing Company

Some people thought that just like other businesses, starting a printing company is also difficult and requires a lot of cash and effort. But it’s not.

Actually, you can start from just being small and simply develop as your company becomes familiar to others.

Starting a printing company is fairly simple and affordable. In fact, you can start your own printing business from the comforts of your own home and with just a small amount for capital. As your business starts to progress, then that will be your time to upgrade bit by bit into a more expensive and suitable facilities and equipment. Below are steps to start your own printing company.

The Printer

Basically, except if you have lots of money to expend, it is ideal to begin with small printer and small jobs. Majority of huge printers do not want small jobs so there’s a handy market for you. With the small jobs, you will have the chance to market on more customers who require only from small to medium printing jobs. If you have a large startup capital, you can opt for a huge printing press and offer services to individuals who require very huge pointing jobs. You need to remember however, that this place you in competition with other huge, known printing companies in your locale.

Get your Facilities

With a small printer, it would be best to choose the ones that are digital. These will free you from environmental rules that refer to huge printing companies. Also, it lets you to perform more jobs at reasonable rates. Small jobs are ideal to be performed with digital printers. Also, you need to purchase a computer which is appropriate for your job. You will most like wish to buy a professional design software program like Quark Xpress or AdobePageMaker. Either of this software is a bit expensive but will actually worth the cost as you start your company.

Search for Customers

Now that everything is ready, you only have to look for jobs. The goodness about a printing company is that there is no deficiency of potential clients. Every business in your area is a prospective client. All businesses require printing jobs and most of them will surely go to an external company to have these jobs done. All you have to do is to set an appointment with these businesses and offer your services. Though you are only working in your home, majority of these businesses will be more than willing to give you that opportunity particularly if your company can offer something that other printing companies cannot. As you start out, the best offering that you can give might be a one on one customer support. As your company starts to grow and become known to other customers, you might be able to give lower rates or quicker outcomes. Find your market now and display your business.


  • Faizan Moid said on September 17, 2013
    I want to start my own factory in printing & packaging materials can u plz guide me . I want start this business in Allahabad UP. And we are already working in manual printing past 6-7 years.
  • prince wobilo said on June 12, 2014
    I want to startup a small printing business, please I want to know the cost
  • prince wobilo said on June 12, 2014
    what type of digital printer can print on a tick paper and what is the cost?
  • amit pal said on October 7, 2014
    hello sir/madam, i belong to india (mp). I want to start up a small printing business, please I want to know the cost and all equipments list.
  • Hadiza KelvinKabir said on March 12, 2015
    Good day sir/ mam. I am from Nigeria I want to start a printing press, please I want the price of the machine. Thank you sir/ ma


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