Flyer Printing Cost

This article tackles basic information regarding flyers as a tool for marketing.

Also, this provides a brief overview on how to cut down on flyer printing costs.

Most businesses, small scale and big time companies alike allot a budget for their marketing and advertising. This is one way of encouraging and inviting more customers to try your products and services. Marketing and advertising make use of a variety of ways to entice potential clients. It can be in the form of printed advertisements or commercials in television, radios and newspapers.However, those with smaller income delve into making use of flyers, and its distribution to its target market.

A flyer, or fliers, is a leaflet that often comes in a single page that is used to advertise services, products, events, or other activities. These are often used by individuals or enterprises in the promotion of their products, and as well as services. These are usually the means employed by the proprietors and business people who want to advertise but do not have the resources and finances to do so in a bigger scale, say in the internet, yellow pages, or classified ads in newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

In the late part of 1980s and 1990s, marketing approach became more straightforward and thus, flyers also underwent an evolution. Nowadays, these can be found in various formats. To name some: A4 (almost letter head size), A5 (approximately half the size of a letter head), DL (compslip size), A6 (the size of a postcard) and CC (the size of a credit card).

Unlike advertisements in newspapers, magazines and the internet, flyers are cost-effective in terms of production and effective in terms of marketing. And because of the advent of innovations in publishing and printing systems, the use of flyers was intensified and became more popular. In the contemporary times, the flyers which were then produced through the use of conventional printing services can now be reinforced with the Internet. Also, clients who wish to customize their flyers or personalize them may do so by sending in their own designs through e-mail. Likewise, they may also receive the final output through e-mail.

Aside from having your flyers printed in a printing press or an enterprise that offers printing services, you can also print them yourself! How? You can make use of your inkjet printer at home. This is another way of reducing flyer printing cost.

Here are other ways on how you can cut down on flyer printing costs:

  • You can print more than one copy of your flyer per sheet.
  • Make use of your basic knowledge in computer application – use print preview and make sure that before you go on with your printing, check that you shrink the size of your document to fit.
  • Instead of buying a new cartridge for your printing, buy a refill. This is, if your cartridge is one that is refillable. This will surely cut down your flyer printing cost.
  • Find better prices. Do not jump at an offer that sounds reasonable. Be sure. You can do this by checking online. There are many printing enterprises nowadays that have a website and at the same time can provide you with the quotation of prices of the services you may be needing. Compare. Select the most appropriate.


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