Ways to Hand Out Flyers

Traditional advertising is still in existence these days. One popular method is the use of flyers. You can hand out flyers on the streets or leave them on windshields or post them in doors.

However, you need to know about the local laws and regulations that govern the distribution of flyers so that you can avoid potential problems.

Traditional Advertising

Perhaps you already know what a flyer looks like. Restaurants usually use them to advertise their menus and special promos. Well, this advertising strategy is not only utilized by restaurant owners but also by other businesses. The method is one of the traditional means of advertising a business but despite the technological advancements, such method is still being used today. There are different ways of handing out flyers. This is a moderately easy task that you will surely enjoy.

Choose your location well. Make sure that the site has a lot of walking traffic. Hand out the flyers to those who pass by. If someone has his or her hands full, don’t give a flyer and just wait for the next person. Be prepared for some rejections because there are people who will simply throw away your flyers. When some customers ask questions, you can answer them as well because they are potential customers who are already taking interest in your business. Establish a route that you will walk for the day. However, make sure that you also study the demographics. Is your target market located on the routes? Are the people in the area closely related to your targeted audience? Pick the most suitable route so that you can get more attention.

Laws and Regulations

Inquire about the local city code and determine if it’s legal to leave flyers on cars. If it’s alright, you can leave flyers on the windshield of the cars to ensure that they don’t get blown away. Some vehicles have alarms so be extra careful when placing the flyers. Don’t scratch the vehicle or you will get angry customers. Try to inquire at the Chamber of Commerce about possible programs for delivery systems. These are given to new residents in a certain area. If you can find an organization in your area, you may be able to have your flyers included in the packaging.

Safety is always a major consideration when handing out flyers. Do this activity during broad daylight. If you see any loose dogs, skip the area. Some places give you the creeps; take this as a warning sign and proceed to the next location. Knowing the laws can help you once you decide to hand out flyers. Check if the homes have signs that say – no advertising, no handbills, or no soliciting. It’s also illegal to leave flyers in mailboxes so never do this. It pays to have knowledge on the laws and other regulations to avoid any potential problems.


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