Buying Salon and Spa Equipment

Buying equipment for salons and spas is one of the crucial steps in opening a beauty shop. It requires a lot of decision making preparation as well as finances.

As such, a prospective salon owner must educate himself on the dos and don’ts of buying salon and spa equipment. Here are some basic tips.

Starting a business requires a lot of decision making. And one of the most important things to decide upon when one opens a business is the equipment to be used in making products or rendering a service. For people who want to open a salon, it is a major undertaking as the quality of service a salon can render will depend in a large part on its available equipment. And what more, the kind of equipment around a salon creates half of the impression customers would get when entering the salon. If you buy state-of the-art facial equipment or oxygen machines and steamers, you create an air of being top class. So how do you buy microdermabrasion systems, massage chairs, tables, sterilizing equipment for your salon and spa?

  • First determine the kind of service you will be specializing in so that you could determine what on what kind of equipment you should be acquiring. Will it be massage, facials, tanning or waxing?
  • Make a list of the equipment you would need (whether you are operating as a general salon or a specialized salon). Make your list of three categories: one you will immediately be needing, another for those you need to buy but can’t afford now want to buy in the short term, and those that are not immediately necessary and can even be done without.
  • You can choose to contact equipment dealers for a quote on the equipment you need. In dealing with dealers, it is advantageous to you if you will share the specifics of what you need and what you want so that they could help you acquire the right equipment. They can also help you on your floor design and plumbing. If you retain their services, ask for the promos associated with this. You just might get a rebate or discount.
  • Go for a package if there is. Usually, you can get a discount when you get a set of equipment.
  • You can also take advantage of promotions by new salon and spa equipment manufacturers. Look for one that offers discount on equipment in exchange for promoting their products.
  • Alternatively, you can lease spa equipment.
  • Buying used ones is also an option. When buying secondhands, buy from salons that are expanding and would need higher and bigger capacity equipment. Used doesn’t have to mean old. And old doesn’t have to mean aged. It could just mean older models.
  • Aside from salon and spa equipment you’ll also need office equipment to help you man your shop on a daily basis – like cash register and a phone.


  • Tarak Parmar said on March 16, 2011
    I planning to stocking those equipments. Plz. give details of kinds of machines, automation, it's rate, availability etc.
  • Omeun Asi-Ajayi said on January 14, 2014
    Pls I'll need a guide on opening a new salon & spa n how much least capital do i need to start with. Thank you


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