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Wireless Toyz is one of the leading wireless companies across the country. And they want to share their success with other interested franchisees through providing them with the franchise information.

This top wireless business retailer in the country was founded in 1995 by businessman Joe Barbat.

Wireless Toyz are offering wireless services such production and repair of mobile phones and accessories. This company gathered lots of clients because of the proliferation of cellular phones and its attractive multipurpose features. Through time, Wireless Toyz expanded its services by tying up with big companies such as Sprint, AT&T, Nextel, T-mobile, Direct T.V., and Dish Network. With the backing up of these companies, Wireless Toyz started providing cellular and satellite services in different locations across the country. It has developed more new ways on how to showcase their services in one shop. Now, their shop is known to market several brands of cellular phones; provide clients with expert technicians and customer assistance agents; have a wider range of product prices; showcase multiple models and units of mobile phones and satellite equipment. And with their needed services, they have developed a goal of doubling their size and locations every year. And so they have opened for franchising in September 2001.

This franchising opportunity is available for applicants who want to manage a business in the wireless industry. And to become a Wireless Toyz franchisee, you must be able to meet all of their qualifications and requirements.
As a businessman, you must know that you must also be ready with enough funds in order to operate this business. You should be ready with $30,000 to $50,000 of investment in this business. But you may ask for financial assistance from their partner banks who can take up a portion of the expenses you will have in starting this franchise.

With your investment, you will be sure to get real estate assistance for your franchise location. They will help you to survey locations where you may attract more clients like in malls, and in other commercial places. You will also have no more worries on looking for your suppliers because Wireless Toyz will provide you with their trusted suppliers. As for the style and design of your store, the company would also provide you with a stylish layout that could surely attract many customers. And even if you are not experienced in the wireless industry, you will be trained by the company experts with the necessary skills. Along with your training, you will also be guided as you train your employees. And to attract more clients, the company will assist you in promoting your business through different ad slicks and commercial items. You will also be updated with the recent statistics regarding your prospect customers so you will know your next actions in your business. You will also benefit greatly in the support they are willing to provide you with in all aspects of your business. You will be constantly updated through their monthly meetings where you will get different opportunities for growth and additional connections in the form of other franchisees, clients, and suppliers. The company will be behind your during your grand opening, and will provide you the needed assistance in areas you are finding difficulty in.

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  • Tegan said on June 25, 2022
    I am opening a franchise in New Zealand, Hamilton.


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