About Woodcraft Franchise

Interested applicants may join Woodcraft’s network of franchisees in providing quality tools and products for woodworking nationwide.

The franchise information regarding Woodcraft is available to all for proper guidance and decision-making.

Woodcraft started business since 1928 as a small retail location in Boston, Massachusetts.

Its founders were George Eaton and Richard Merrill. They specialize in selling quality tools and products for woodworking. After several handing over of authority, it finally landed in the hands of Sam Ross who is also the owner and founder of SBR Inc., in West Virginia. Sam Ross started as a constant customer of Woodcraft because he was also a woodworker. Then, it started blooming in many ways such as they have provided credit cards for their customers, they started making faster shipping and deliveries, and opened their own website. With so much to offer for their clients, they have planned on expanding their locations thru franchising. And so in 1997, they started accepting franchisee applicants. By 1998, they had their first franchise unit opened. Woodcraft is open for franchisee applicants nationwide. They are also open for exclusive territories with 350,000 in population.

The woodworking company is looking for qualified franchisees that can meet all the requirements they set. And to be qualified, you must be ready to invest a total amount of $505,300 up to $650,300. You must be accountable enough to pay a franchising fee of $50,000 upon the signing of contract. Remember you must only sign the contract that you have full knowledge of including every terms and conditions. The company will also ask you to pay the on-going royalty of 5 percent of your total sales. The contract is valid up to ten years and is renewable upon expiry.

You are not required to provide proofs of your net worth. But you must have liquefied cash amounting to at least $150,000. Your love for woodworking will be one of your passes in entering this franchising venture with Woodcraft.
Joining this business can bring about lots of benefits for you especially if you have the innate love for woodworks and anything related to it. The company is willing to provide you chances to independently work for your own needs. You will be deciding on al of the matters in your business through your own perceptions. You will have more family time than in being a regular employee. Plus, you can get the chance to be your own boss and have the greater chance for success because you are already holding the name and reputation of the woodworking specialist company Woodcraft.

And if you feel that the business is doing great for you, then you may opt for acquiring a new franchise unit. Woodcraft is allowing its franchisees to acquire additional franchise units if they have the capability and drive to run it in another location once more. As a matter of fact, of all their franchisees, 5 percent already owns more than one franchise unit. For your unit to start operation, you must employ at least eight and a maximum of nine workers. But you are not allowed to have arrangements with the company for absentee ownership.

Even if you do not have the experience working in a company specializing in woodworking you will be trained by experts from the company. Also, you will be given the utmost support that you might need along the way.


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