Starting Your Own Website Design Business

You want to be your own boss and wish to use your web designing skills, but you’re not sure what it really takes. Setting up a home-based web design service is not that difficult.

Check out this article and find out how to start your own website design business.

Statistics show that the Internet is fast becoming the preferred medium of several entities to establish their presence, since about 1.4 billion people surf the net everyday. If they wish to catch a person’s attention, a nicely designed website and carefully written content is enough. There are about 168.4 million registered websites in the Internet, a staggering 60 million growth since 2006.

Among other jobs, website designers make up 60% of the demand in the workforce. Together with that is a rise in the demand for freelance services, including website design. If you are Internet savvy with a good eye for detail and a hand for design, then you could benefit from this phenomenon by offering a home-based website design service. Here are some tips that can help you start the business.

A Web Designer Needs to Have A Few Basic Skills

As a website designer, you already know that the basic skill that you need the most is HTML. You need to know HTML hard-coding because, even though there are software that you can use to just drag and click to design a site, there are times that you need to tweak the code itself to fine-tune the website.

You might also need to know copywriting skills as well as some basic web programming, but you can always outsource these to some of your friends and acquaintances who can. Search engine optimization is also a requirement, because your clients would want their websites to rank high when appearing in a search result for their respective keywords. Marketing skills are also needed, so you can peddle your business to prospective clients.

A Website Designer Must be Willing to Go an Extra Mile

There are two kinds of clients for a web designer: the corporate and small business clients. The latter includes individual entrepreneurs and proprietors.

When you work for a corporate client, your creativity is totally limited because of these clients have specific demands for their websites. What’s good is that you don’t have to do some extra designs that deviate from what they are demanding. A small business client, however, are granting you the freedom and are expecting you to make a few innovations to the initial specifications if it makes the website look good. So as a web designer, you should know when to constrict yourself to the request or when to use your own creative eye to add something to the website in order to make it stand out aesthetically.


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