Start Your Own Homemade Preserves and Pickle Business

Perhaps you love to eat preserves and pickles, and would like to make money out of the things that you love. Now that you’ve made the decision, you are now asking yourself? How do I start my own homemade preserves and pickle business?

This article will give you the necessary background that you’d need in order to get going with your planned business.

In reality, getting into your own homemade preserves and pickle business is not that tough. All you need to know are the materials and the processes that you would be doing when you finally get into your business.

Materials for Starting a Homemade Preserves Business

To start a homemade preserves business, you would need lots of fruits. If you notice in commercial stores, fruits are preserved and bottled. The results of processing homemade fruit preserves are the jams, jellies and marmalades that you eat together with your bread.

With this mind, you need a good source of fruits. You could either choose to grow your own fruits, or you can get yourself a good supplier. Remember, since you are starting a business, you need a constant supply of fruits because you’d be getting a lot of orders from your clients. It would do you no good to run out of supplies in the midst of a large order, wouldn’t it?

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If you plan to produce confits and curds as well, then you would also need a good supply of eggs and butter. Butter is easily and commercially available and, if you have money, you can grow poultry for your egg supply. This can also double as another business because you can sell off the extra eggs. You would also need honey for your confits as well.

Materials for Starting a Pickle Business

Pickles are generally vegetables that are subjected to brining. This means vegetables are subjected to fermentation by being soaked in a salt solution. This could also mean that vegetables are marinated and then stored in vinegar, although other acid solutions may be utilized. Pickles are processed in order to produce a pH feature of less than 4.6. This is because necrobacteria are killed in such an acidity level.

Pickling had its roots as a preservation technique, especially for sailors, but nowadays it has evolved into a business opportunity. Many people particularly enjoy the taste and flavors of pickled vegetable; hence it has risen in demand. Although few people know it, the bacteria in pickles are able to introduce Vitamin B into the pickle and improving their nutritious value. In other words, pickles are a healthy and delicious food that people can consume.

There are a variety of vegetables that you can gather for pickling. It would depend on your audience. In the North American and Canadian markets, for example, cucumbers are the dominant vegetables. However, you can still make money selling pickled vegetables that are popular in other nations as the United States has a high cultural diversity.

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  • nick said on July 28, 2008
    I still like to get info on how, like recipes or storage, or buying equipment
  • chandan kumar shrivastava said on February 9, 2009
    i want a report of pickle business.
  • Darlene said on March 18, 2009
    What is the average cost to make lets say a jar of strawberry jelly. I know it depends on the season, so if you could give me the worse case and the best case figures i would appreciate it very much.
  • mona nibber said on May 8, 2009
    i am from Amritsar and i am a house wife. i have no idea to start pickle business but i am very much interested to start this business. how much i need to invest? should i join the classes to prepare the pickle for home business. please suggest me. in short send me the a b c of this business.
  • Kath said on June 16, 2009
    Hi, Please could you send me the details of the business that you have, a detailed report of a previous venture would be helpful. Thanks
  • A.Gauthama said on September 1, 2009
    I am interested to know about pickle business. Please guide me.
  • upendra joshi said on November 5, 2009
    to learn more about pickles contact us-03931276999,09391021222
  • Pramod said on December 28, 2009
    Hi, I would like to start the pickle business. But just a trading and not a production. Could you please guide me the risk and the funds required in this? Thanks, -Pramod
  • sue mercer said on February 6, 2010
    I would like some information on how to sell my homemade produce at farmer markets on the weekend and selling homemade produce gift baskets on line any help would be good, thanks sue. I live in seaford south australia
  • Anil Thomas said on February 23, 2010
    Hi, My mom is home maker, very good at Pickle preparation. We have tested with many people and everybody liked it. you can keep it for minimum six months. I am planning to start as business, can anybody help me what is prospects, how do i start etc., Looking forward a good suggestion. Thanks, Anil
  • kulvinder said on March 24, 2010
    indian pickles of mango, chillies, lemon, sweet sauces etc in bangkok
  • moni said on May 9, 2010
    Hi All, i am planning to start a pickle business in kerala. Can any body guide me?....Expecting ur co operation plz...Moni
  • priti said on May 24, 2010
    will you please inform me about 'various option for home based food productions' gulbarga karanatka
  • afsal ashraf said on June 26, 2010
    please guide me with the investment and requirements to start this business
  • Nidheeshmon A J said on June 29, 2010
    i would like to start a pickle business in indian pickle like pickles of mango, chillies, lemon, sweet sauces etc. pls inform the formalities which i have to done b4 start the business. thanks and regards, Nidheesh
  • vishwanath sagavkar said on July 1, 2010
    I am thinking about to start my own pickle buisness, I wanted to complete guidance about pickle & spices manufacturing guidance.
  • Matt M said on July 24, 2010
    St. Paul, MN. I have a killer recipe for pickles that people rave about and would like to start a business. Any help would be grateful.
  • Sue Darmody said on July 26, 2010
    I would like to start a small business making pickles and preserves and selling them in Sydney, NSW. How can I determine shelf life of these products and also what are the labeling requirements?
  • ushachandra said on July 27, 2010
    can u please tell how can i start pickle business through online...Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India
  • salma said on August 15, 2010
    I'm interested in information about packaging cut fresh fruits and vegetables---getting them prepared for local market sale, home and office deliveries and in future supplying to stores. Getting the ABC of the whole process would be of much help. Thanks I live in Boston Ma.
  • punit said on August 27, 2010
    Hi i m from mumbai my mom makes the best lemon pickles .which is the right place to sell it?
  • M.R.BIJU said on August 27, 2010
    hi, i am very interested to start a pickle business i want to know about the source of lemon, mangoes, ginger etc in low cost in all season .what is the main risk of this business ? and how we get international market. please give me your valuable advice
  • Jenson said on August 29, 2010
    Hi i m from kerala, Now working in dubai, I wish to start one pickle business for Export purpose. Kindly advise me how i start a small scale industry in kerala and any govmnt organization will help me for train how will sore this stuff and how will pack and all. Also were i will get machinery for packing and all? Please give me u r
  • aditya said on September 2, 2010
    i live in sikar rajasthan and i want to start my own pickles business please assist me.
  • santhosh said on September 8, 2010
    hai, i am from chennai, advise me a b c of to start pickle business
  • rathi said on September 13, 2010
    Hi i am from chennai . i know how to make lemon, mango, gooseberry, garlic and ginger pickles . would like to start a buisness . can u pls give me the assistance . Thanks and regards
  • M.Ayyappan said on September 24, 2010
    I wish to export pickles from Cochin to Dubai can u please give me an idea about the procedures to export and the Shops at Dubai who require Kerala Pickles and their contact details etc. We are in Cochin and now doing Pickle business locally
  • amit kumar gupta said on September 26, 2010
    hi i want to start my pickle buisness. pls guide me how to register this buisness and what type of licenses required to do this buisness.
  • Anoop Bajpai said on November 30, 2010
    hi i m anoop bajpai. i want to start a home scale unit of good quality of different types of north indian pickles & preserves. kindly guide me what types of machines & equipments are required to prepare & packaging.
  • fatemeh said on January 6, 2011
    Hi all.I am from kelachay in to know how can i sell homemade jar and pickle? please give me some advice.thank you
  • shalinasen said on January 9, 2011
    hi.pls guide me to register non-veg home-made pickle business and what all licenses i have to have to do this business.kindly guide me also to what types of machines are required to preparation and packaging.and also about preservatives used in non-veg fish from kerala.
  • harikumar said on January 12, 2011
    i would like to start pickle business at me.what are all the things i have to do.what license required. how to get it. how to preserve veg. and non.veg pickles and how to pack it.and also jams.what will be the investment.from where i will get finance.i am from nilgiris.
  • sripriya said on January 12, 2011
    I am a house wife. I wanted to start pickle business. But I Don't know how much I invest my pickle business? then how will I get my customer? How will I talk customer initially? please help me. Answer me through my mail. Thanking U.
  • Kam said on January 12, 2011
    I am in USA. Want to start online direct to consumer business for specialty pickles from different countries. Do I need FDA involvement? what are my liabilities and responsibilities, how do I find correct jars and designer bottles, labels economically, do I need a permit or a certified preparation place, etc. Thanks.
  • Kellybee said on January 12, 2011
    Irvine, CA 92618. Hi, I would like to start a pickle business and chills. I have develop my recipes without any preservatives and it is delicious. My family and friends have taste test my pickles, pickle chills, and they love it. I want to have my own business and hope one day my products will end up in the supermarkets. Thank you for your help.
  • FatBottomedGirl said on January 13, 2011
    Seal Beach, CA. Like Kellybee, I too would like to start a business selling my original peach chutney and spiced peach butter. I have spent the past few years perfecting recipes for natural cooked-fruit products; friends and family who love my food encourage me now to take the next step to market my products. My products are all-natural with no preservatives and little sugar. Kellybee, can we start a dialog and share info? We both have the same goal selling our delicious products.
  • jeri lesch said on February 3, 2011
    I would like to start a pickle business in Marina Ca. I need step by step guidance. like start up cost.Licenses etc where to find jars, lables, bar codes. thank Jeri
  • Sugumar said on February 10, 2011
    Hi, i'm from coimbatore, tamil nadu. We have prepare all type of pickles and i wish to export my pickles. so please guide me to export and how to get finance.
  • jaybest said on February 10, 2011
    Hi, I am Jim from California USA. Sugumar, I am interested in importing your pickled items from tamil nadu. Kindly reply as I will go ahead with the formalities and customs.
  • Gregory Mitchell said on February 21, 2011
    Hi, Will becoming out of hospital soon, no longer able to practice as a Chiropractor. Want to start a small pickle/preserve biz. I have my Master Food Preserver ticket and a library of 200+ books of techniques and recipes from the 1800's to present day. People LOVE my products, but I have only made small batch stuff so far. No IDEA of market demands, costs, etc. I could use some good old, all-around Dutch Uncle advice. Love to chat with y'all...BE LUCKY !!! Gregory Mitchell-,com 818-428-7851 18375 Ventura Blvd. #289 Tarzana CA 91356 USA
  • usha Narasimhan said on March 5, 2011
    i am usha housewife from bangalore. i would like to know the preservative (names) which should be added for making pickles. please name the preservatives . i am eager to start pickle business. Thank you
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 5, 2011
    @usha Narasimhan, normally in homemade pickles salt, oil and spices are the main preservatives but in commercial pickles citric acid and sodium benzoate is found. Let me know if you need more help.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Nitu Shekhawat said on March 12, 2011
    Hi, I Want To Start My Pickle Business. Also I Want To Sell My Pickle By May You Please Suggest The Procedure.
  • Mountainmiester said on March 14, 2011
    Unfortunately, I see nothing here about the business of starting a pickling business. Do I need a commercial kitchen? What is the processes legally to begin a food company? Do I need special insurance? Do I have to register anything with the FDA?
  • James expert adviser said on March 15, 2011
    @Mountainmiester, you can get away with a regular kitchen but that should have few things that are required by FDA. Here is a list of things required by FDA for food business.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • sam mathew said on April 5, 2011
    hi i'm into pickle business our specialty is prawns pickle,tuna,squid,searfish. production capacity is 60,000 bottles per month. currently exporting to australia,dubai. i want to expand my business to usa , any body interested to import my products i shall send samples to your desired destination..pls contact at production facility is usda approved etc
  • Bhavik Shah said on April 25, 2011
    Hi... we want to starting the business of pickle, we have started at small scale at home but now i want to give the huge interest in to this business so give us idea for my mom's dream of their large business. i am from India, Gujarat. Thanks...
  • rajib kumar sahu said on April 29, 2011
    hi my self rajiv i want to the pickle business and marketing information of new delhi in india . so give as idea .my dream their largest business. rajiv, berhampur, orissa.
  • Johny Mathew said on May 24, 2011
    Dear Sir, I like to start an pickle business. what is the legal procedure for it and where shall i get license for it in Banagalore north. Regards, Johny.
  • benjamin kalyanapu said on May 26, 2011
    hello i am benjamin kalyanapu from Ballarsha , maharashtra , india. we already running pickles business from 15 years but we don't have any brand name or standardized product we dont have any packaging standards. we sell it door to door in the cities by roaming. please help me to get standerdised and tell me how can i get my brand name registered, food license and tell me the all process of setting up a business legally .
  • rahul said on May 27, 2011
  • Jaba Mukherjee said on May 30, 2011
    I am a Home Maker in kokata... want to start a business with my friend.. my friend can make a nice prickle and other things how can i market it can some one help me?
  • Pooja BHasin said on June 3, 2011
    HI , I want to start Pickle business . I dont know how and where to place my products in the market. The focused market is Noida and Meerut. Please suggest . Regards, Pooja
  • DEEPA P said on June 6, 2011
  • pushpaveni said on June 6, 2011
    I am a home maker doing catering business. pls guide me how to register the business and what type of license required to do this business.pls tell me how to preserve, pack and how much investment i need for starting this business. can u suggest from where i wl get finance.i am staying in kollam.
  • Deepak lamsal said on June 8, 2011
    dear sir, I want to start of pickle business, but i don't know processing of pickle make so give us your idea for me and also send machine or plant picture. I am from Nepal,Butwal
  • MOHD FAIZAN said on June 16, 2011
    dear sir i am living in delhi india. i am going to start pickle business and i have mango pickle recipe but want more recipe and i want to know about registration process and also know how to i get approval from health department i have only 20000 in my hand pls tell me the formality on urgent basis this request
  • NARAYANA RAO said on June 20, 2011
    Dear i want to establish non-veg pickle industry...plzz tell how to establish industry and what is required, how to registration, how to processing, how to packing, what is the present marketing procedural initial investment 20lakhs.
  • mohinish kumar said on June 20, 2011
    dear sir i want to start my own business of pickle .plzz help me to start my own business and guide me fully as possible .i need to help you sir .country India, state Bihar, city Patna.
  • B.Prasad said on June 22, 2011
    Dear sir, I had an food license but i had no money and i don't know how to start and develop business.we are requesting you to please give us guidelines to start business and also for the bank process for initial investment.
  • Jennifer McGraw said on July 14, 2011
    Hi i am very excited to start up a pickled string-bean company i want to work for myself please could you send me some information and all the facts i should know that would be very much appreciated. I live in Sackville N.B Canada my address is 1599 Route 16, Baie Verte N.B, E4M 2J1
  • Cecilia Viteri said on July 19, 2011
    Sir, I am about to begin a small business in Ecuador. What are the sanitary requirements for the kitchen? Thanks.
  • raman said on July 27, 2011
    hi, my mom makes the best lemon pickles and everyone appreciate her talent whether family,friends,no preservative is used,good for health & demanded hilly areas b'coz many people take from her when they go to greater heights of mountains.i personally want that my mom's hard-work achieve success by starting her business.please guide me all the procedures step by step like-license,packing,orders etc.waiting FOR YOUR RESPONSE -EMAIL
  • rajesh sharma. said on July 31, 2011
    i want to start a little pickle factory, plz help us. Rajesh 09721494074.
  • Vijaylakshmi said on August 1, 2011
    We are about to start a small scale business in tomato pickle(home made)Please contact us. mob(07259729909)
  • Rahul said on August 3, 2011
    I want to start my own pickle business in kolkata please assist me.
  • Abu hammad said on August 6, 2011
    Hi i am abu hammad from chennai south india we are manufacturing excellent quality of beef and meat 100% HALAL pickles which can be used for six to 24 months so pls feel free to call for marketing and importing or mail us note only whole sale for locals
  • Thangamani said on August 21, 2011
    I want pickle business so give me pls replay me. Karur, tamilnadu, india....
  • Anupam said on September 3, 2011
    Please send me the details of the pickle business to how to do the marketing of the business. Ghaziabad UP, Thanks Anupam
  • jeri Dee's said on September 3, 2011
    I would like to start my own pickle business. I have been making them for about 20 years, and everyone loves them. I have send them to friends from the east coast to the west coast.and they say to put them on the market. I need some information on how to market them and to get a distributor.
  • prem kumar said on September 13, 2011
    i am planning to start the pickles business. I want to know about the packing and storage method of pickles business.
  • venkat said on September 13, 2011
    I want to process all south Indian pickles in Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh and sell the same in Andhra Pradesh & Delhi or All India. What all licenses are required for manufacturing and trading this product at different locations.
  • thonta said on September 14, 2011
    i process all type of south Indian pickles in hkarnataka, bangalore and sell the same in Andhra Pradesh & Delhi or All India. What all licenses are required for manufacturing and trading this product to overseas.
  • satheesh said on September 15, 2011
    I would like to start the pickle business in south part of kanyakumari, what is the process of start the business and where is available in the machines, and training institute in tamilnadu and kerala states.
  • Danish said on October 9, 2011
    I want to start pickle business. I would like to know about the packaging, storage method and also the various other methods and process of pickle business.
  • Ryan said on October 13, 2011
    chicago illinois. Please send me more detailed info as to the standard operating procedures for specialty pickel, relish, tampinad, gremalotta's. Thank you.
  • aley said on October 25, 2011
    please help me to start the pickle business. I need a good kerala recipe for mango, lemon and ambazhanga(june plum)pickles and canning and storing of pickles. please explain the process.I live in florida, usa
  • bob said on October 28, 2011
    Hi i want to start a pickle business in mumbai on a commercial basis.Please let me know in detail about the business plan and investment required for pickle business
  • shakeel said on November 1, 2011
    i want to start pickle business please send me complete recipe of pickle and how i store pickle long time.i am in pakistan.
  • V L Swaminaathan said on November 4, 2011
    I would like to start pickle export. what are the procedures for export V L Swaminaathan
  • Darshan said on November 8, 2011
    I want to sell or export my home made pickles, souses, muraba, in local or international ,guide me right place to sell, GHAZIABAD Uttar pradesh, India
  • Angulique Hollamby said on November 15, 2011
    I want to export my home pickles, local or international. please guide me to the right people, I am from South Africa.
  • mahesh said on November 17, 2011
    Hi i am looking if it possible to give any packing products to do in home its self i am very interesting to do this type jobs pls u have option give to me i am ready for this. Mahesh - 9845766324
  • thulok said on November 17, 2011
    I want to start making pickles and jam from home in Kathmandu Nepal.
  • nalini said on November 18, 2011
    Hi i'm delhi based homemaker and want to start my own business. I'm good at paintings & love preparing food. What should i start with, pls guide.
  • Shivaram said on November 21, 2011
    I would like to start a business in kerala, and I can market all over kerala as well. I have my own commercial vehicle to distribute the product all over kerala. Advise me what business I can start, or is there any manufacture required a Dealer to market their in Kerala? Shivaram, Calicut, Kerala, India
  • abdul said on November 30, 2011
    Hi i want to start a pickle business in Assam on a commercial basis. what is the process of start the business and where is available in the machines.Please let me know in detail about the business plan and investment required for pickle business. What all licenses are required for manufacturing and trading this product at different locations
  • nageswararao said on November 30, 2011
    i am indian, would like to start a home made pickle business online global wide with different delicious mouth watering verities of veg and non veg items. please let me know how much quantity of sodium benzoate as food preservative which accept all the nations. I am sure, my oath is continuing in charity and will enhance my charity activity with my profits.
  • prity saikia said on December 6, 2011
    we supply world hottest chilli paste, chutney. This chilli placed guineas records for hotness only grows Assam,Nagaland.Anyone want to deal can call 919678838660& mail
  • MaryLee Salvatore said on December 13, 2011
    I would like to market pickles, french dressing, and barbecue sauce in Pahokee and/or Gainesville, Florida. How do I get started?
  • Mrs. Damayanti M said on January 5, 2012
    HI, I am very much interested in starting a small scale business to support women by proving them with jobs. i want to start pickle, jams & masala. Can anybody help me with the process & rule & regulation of fda & the total minimum investment required for the same. we will be working from mumbai. pls contact me on 9987213367 or email me on
  • Prashanth Acharya said on January 7, 2012
    I am currently in Dubai , I would like to settle in India. Please guide me in starting pickle business in Karnataka. Best Regards, Prashanth
  • rakesh said on January 8, 2012
    i am from dubai, i want to do business in kerala, can u advise me some good ideas.
  • ZAFAR ALI said on January 16, 2012
    I want to start a home based pickle manufacturing business.Can you please give the guidance of manufacturing process,cost required,machines required for packaging and how to sale it in market.
  • m.pushpamala said on January 17, 2012
    we are in vellore.i have plan to start own business to start pickle business. can u give more information about that
  • Naheedparveen said on January 21, 2012
    i am from nashik I am making very testing pickles and many people like it can you help me to find a company that provide me ingredients for pickles and also export my pickle
  • susanta said on January 28, 2012
    who will help me for pickle marketing & storage, where can i found raw material ,pls tell me.
  • Punchok said on January 29, 2012
    I want to produce home made jam in Ladakh for which I need bottle and leveling ,where can I find such supplier in Delhi
  • sahera said on January 29, 2012
    i want to take training in preparation of non-veg pickles. would you please give full information of the training centers.
  • nirmala bhatia said on January 31, 2012
    I am making very testing pickles and many people like it can you help me to find a company that provide me ingredients for pickles .I want to start a home based pickle manufacturing business.Can you please give the guidance of manufacturing process,cost required,machines required for packaging and how to sale it in market. rule & regulation of fda & the total minimum investment required for the same.i want to take training in preparation of veg & non-veg pickles. would you please give full information of the training centers. we will be working from bangalore, karnataka,india also want to export pickle.


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