How to Start a Home Party Business

Home party meetings are an excellent medium to do business. Use the relaxing effects of a home to pull the guard down of potential home party clients to your product. Bond and connect like you never can in corporate setting.

Best of all, you have limited overhead. This home party business guideline will give you information how to start right.

Begin on what you want to offer

The world of home parties thrives on different products and services that have value. Some networking distributors use it to move products like Tupperware, cosmetics, health products and yes even cookware. There are some many products to choose from however the important fact remains, you must believe in what you sell so you can put value in it that others don’t see. Find a competitive supplier with a competitive business plan for their product. Make sure they have a reliable track record.

Setting your home party event

Begin by writing a list of potential guests for your home party. Write down names of friends, neighbors and relatives. Generally begin with people who readily visit you at your home. Second, set a date before you start inviting people. A good strategy would be having two optional dates so that everyone turns up on either of the days. After you have decided which dates and time to host your home party event, it is now time to start inviting people.

Preparing your house

Here are some points you can use:

  • Keep animals like your dogs locked away.
  • Keep your kids away from where you will set up your meeting at home.
  • Don’t offer alcoholic beverages. Keep it professional.
  • Don’t put in a lot of chairs at once. Just put a few then add a few if it gets crowded.
  • Have a dress code. No shorts or plunging neck lines.
  • Start on time and end on time.

Meeting people and getting orders

Before the house party itself, try to make people relax and at ease. It will help a lot if you introduce yourself and try to get to know your guests. This way you create rapport when you begin the meeting and people relate to you when you demo your product. Dress professionally and be confident as you share your expertise. Be prepared to answer questions your ardencies will have and take them as inquiries because of inertest. Offer your product and list down orders.

Following up and resetting a new home party meeting

After the meeting is over, make sure you have a follow up plan for your guests for the next few days. Ask them if they have other inquires about the product they purchased. Offer to visit them personally. If they appear positive about the whole experience ask them if they are willing to host a similar home party meeting in their house. Offer them an incentive to do so.

Use the internet

Have your product online. Have an online catalog where people can browse your product. By using technology, you can actually use the internet to broadcast your home party globally. Experiment with the idea.


  • Alona Lavalais said on January 25, 2010
    I have been a party decorator for about 12 years mostly as a hobby. I live in Port Arthur, Texas USA. This year I plan to actually go into business. I planned to work from home but now I want to get a building because I have accumulated so much I have no room to work. I would like any information i can get to help me get started.
  • Marcy said on October 10, 2010
    I am looking to start my own home party business. Can you tell me where to get the catalogs done.
  • kathy said on June 13, 2013
    I'm looking to start a home art party mobile how do I get start . and graphic art business at home
  • Rose M. said on December 28, 2013
    I have enough space in my compound that I have always thought I can utilize it for party business. please advice.


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