How to Start a Home Inventory Business

Given the constant and impressive demand for home inventory, perhaps you have realized the profits that you can possibly reap if you start your home inventory business.

You have made a good decision and to help you along your way, this article will present to you information as to how you can start your venture.

You may have known that a home inventory is a service that is always in demand. People enlist the services of a home inventory firm to keep track and account for their things in advance. A home inventory essentially lists down specifically details about each item on your home so you can pinpoint exactly what things you owned in case of loss due to theft or disaster.

A home inventory helps to streamline the process of claiming insurance for your things in case you lost them. Take for example your house was burned down due to fire and you have insurance for all things in your home. Question is, can you remember what things you had before the fire and how much they cost? You can remember some, but not all. That is where a home inventory comes in, so you can tell exactly how much you lost and how much your insurance company will pay you back.

Because of its high demand, a home inventory business can give you huge profits if you just do your trade right and have lots of contacts. So, how can you start a home inventory business?

Take Home Inventory Courses First

Home inventory is not just listing down the things that a house has. It is also about appraising the item and determining their worth or value especially if there are antiques in the house. For this task, there are several courses offered at local colleges, and from the Internet. They don’t cost much, and are very important for running a successful home inventory business.

Establish Your Objectives

You need to establish clear and specific goals for your business, as well as define your commitment to it. Do you want to pursue it full-time or part-time? You should also work out different marketing schemes and advertising campaigns for the business. All of these questions and plans should be addressed and answered in a business plan, which will serve as your blueprint and map to steer your way through your home inventory business’ future.

Get Yourself a Home Inventory Business License

Some states require licensing for home inventory businesses, while some do not. However, insurance companies only recognized appraisals and lists from licensed home inventory firms, so to play it safe, you should get yourself licensed in your state.

You also have to know about the laws and regulations imposed by your state for home inventory businesses. Information on these laws can be obtained from the state Insurance Commissioner, who will guide you further in your research and certifications.


  • Tim said on July 13, 2009
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  • sallie said on July 25, 2009
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  • Brian said on March 16, 2010
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  • Howard Zufelt said on April 21, 2010
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  • Aaron Roberts said on May 1, 2010
    Brian And Howard, I currently am Co owner of the National Chain of Home Inventory companies, We offer a partnership Program that allows you to own your own biz but we give you the name and logo recognition to establish security with your clients. I'd love to talk more about it. Give me a call if you are still in the Market! 612-499-4301
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