How to Start a Home Based Professional Organizing Business

Maybe you have the “green thumb” for moving and arranging things into a coherent organization, and you wish to make money from it. This article will show you how you can turn your talent for organization into a major source of income for you and your family. You’ll be surprised at how easy it actually is.

Perhaps you have the flair for arranging things in order to make a certain space look more pleasant and organized.

If so, then why not try to make money out of that special skill of yours by establishing a professional organizing business? It is very lucrative, as you can earn up to US$100 per hour for every organizing project that you can undertake. It can also be very fun and rewarding when you see how a previously cluttered space becomes organized through your own hands.

How Much does it Cost to Start Up a Professional Organizing Home Based Business?

The cost you have to shoulder for starting a professional organizing business is surprisingly very small. In fact, the bulk of your starting expenses would be centered on your advertising. You would also need to buy some equipment for storing your files that are related to your business. You won’t even need to rent office space as you will be basing your business on your own home.

Your focus on starting your business would have to go towards advertising, as it is the most important task that all startup businesses have to tackle from the very beginning. With e-commerce and the advantages offered by the Internet, you can easily advertise your business for free.

Effective Ways of Advertising

There are many effective ways of advertising your business through both the Internet and the real world. With the focus of web development leaning towards social networking, you can take advantage by joining forums and maintaining a blog account that people can view. Make sure to include a link to your every post that will lead visitors to your business’ website. As for forums, include your link in your signature as excessive posting of websites in posts is tantamount to spam.

Other ways of online advertising include viral and email marketing, as well as search engine optimization so your site can easily be found in search results. Either way, you need to include evidences of your organizing. Think of it as a portfolio that can tell people of your superb organization skills.

You can also advertise your business in the real world by once and a while volunteering to help friends and acquaintances to organize their homes or offices for free. Although it doesn’t earn you any money, it will earn you people that will testify to your organization and will act as the catalyst for a form of viral marketing. You’ll be surprised at how many people will know about your business and become potential business clients.


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