How to Start a Home Based Event Planning Business

The long term success of a good home event planning business is based on a few simple tips and tricks and here’s how you start!

If you’ve had an event at your home then you know how difficult managing the tiny parts of an event can be.

There are several parts of an event management and for a successful event you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly. But if you are planning a home based event management, then you should know a few of these tips well in advance.

  • A few required skills are: make sure you are skilled in planning and execution of ideas. Most clients get really frazzled when their ideas do not go right; you should be able to soothe customers down and then set something up which is acceptable to them with the minimum of stress.
  • Timings will be hectic: most events can take place at different timings and you will have to work doubly hard to get the events up and running in the time schedule as specified by the clients. For the first few months after setting up your home based event planning business you will have to odd hours and nearly the whole day long.
  • Get a portfolio of your ideas and previous projects made to give your clients and idea of what you can provide them. Prepare a brochure for distribution to your prospective clients. Have something really different which your clients have never had before like specialty theme parties, deli parties etc. Distribute your brochures at local meeting places like the bakeries, bridal shops etc. Meet up with caterers and decorators to find out what they are offering and tie up with them to get a discount for your customers. Believe me nothing attracts customers more than quality service at a discount.
  • Get publicity for your service by managing any local charity events for free. You can also prepare giveaways as sample for your customers and keep them about your home as samples for clients.
  • You can also learn about being an event planner by getting a certificate course of a Certified Special Events Planner, or CSEP, you will have the benefits of getting special training , resources ready for use and tips of how to network with dealers as well as a ready pool of posts for you to gain experience from. Another degree which is a definite help is the Certified Meeting Planner, or CMP which is just as useful.
  • keeping gin touch with trends is very important and you will have to keep estimates ready for prospective clients.


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