How to Start a Home Based Landscaping Business

Perhaps you think you are good at arranging and beautifying lawns, and you wish to make money out of that skill. Are you wondering if landscaping is a good business idea?

This article will give you all the answers you need, including teaching you how to start a home-based landscaping business.

Do you have the eyes as well as the hands of setting up lawns up to become more attractive? If so, then you can turn this into a source of income by starting your own landscaping business now! Landscaping is a very lucrative business. Most people that wish to have their homes landscaped are those that are high-profile, and may even include politicians and businessmen. Some middle-class would also want to have their lawns landscaped as well. So what does it take to start a landscaping business?

First of all, there are two types of landscaping business: the commercial and the home-based, which is also called the home-based landscaping business. Of the two, the latter is the easier to set up and requires very little capital. Anyone can go into this kind of business, including you. This is what you will need to have in order to start a home-based landscaping business.

Clients for Home Based Landscaping Business

Before you start your business, get in touch with a few people that can serve as your beginning clients. This is to make sure that you have some sort of income when you start your business, and also to build up a customer base that will help you advertise your new business by word of mouth. Once you get your business up and running, perform landscaping on these people’s lawns. Make sure your work for them is satisfactory, so your reputation can get a good head-start.

Equipments for Landscaping Business

Landscaping requires specialized tools and equipment, as well as materials like plants, bricks, etc. that you will use to beautify someone’s lawn. You can buy your own, and this will make up the bulk of your startup expenses. You can either buy or lease the equipment.

Leasing is advantageous for starting business since it allows possession of the equipment with just one payment. This payment is due at the signing of the lease, so you don’t have to worry about paying the lease regularly like you do with rent. With this, the cash you have can be used for other important expenses like the payroll for your employees, and the insurance for your equipment.

Advertisement your Business

Advertisement is very important to all businesses. Without advertisement, people won’t be able to know that your business is there waiting to serve them. It is fortunate, however, that you have the Internet at your disposal. The Internet makes it possible for you to reach out to other people with little to no expenses at all with positive effects. Combined with positive word-of-mouth marketing, Internet advertising will get your business to heights you never imagined it could reach.


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    my business is in kenya at a place called Mombasa.
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    I need ideas to-advertise my business which i started in 2006 but is active in government dept in North West


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