How to Start Your Own Home Staging Business

Maybe you wish to start your home staging business and enter the market, but you don’t know where to start. Are you looking for help and guides in starting the venture?

Look no further, as you will find a good guide in starting your own home staging venture by reading through this article.

The art of home staging is definitely a fun way to earn money. If you have the eye for detail, and for moving things around so that they look a bit more organized and clean, then this business is certainly for you!

Home staging is an excellent opportunity to own your own time, if you take it as a full-time business, that is. Part-time, you can spend your free time on it and it won’t take long. Most of what you will be doing is consultations, and the actual labor of organizing and redesigning the house can be done by the household itself except on some cases where you’re needed to do something physically to rearrange the house.

How much does it Cost To Start This Business?

This is one of the top reasons why people would like to start a home staging business, because it doesn’t cost as much. You can start the business with just $250, or even less. You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment and marketing is cheap. You also don’t need an office, you can just make with your own home and your own personal phone.

Educate Yourself About Home Staging

Organizing can be a talent, but it can be nourished further with a little education. Anyone aspiring to be a home stager can get his hands on a few courses. There are a lot of courses being offered about home staging, and there are also books that you can read. The Internet is a great resource, with all the information that it contains on just about anything. All it needs is a little diligent searching.

When you’ve read and learned enough about professional home staging, you can start by practicing your own skills at your own home. You don’t need to stick to what the books and seminars are teaching because the rules are not cut and dried. Experience is basically the best teacher. Practice what you have learned, sit back and look at the results, then refine your knowledge accordingly.

Successful Marketing is the Key

No matter what preparations you undertake, they’d be useless if you don’t market yourself well. Marketing yourself means passing out calling cards to people whom you think might need your services soon, which includes close friends and associates. You’d need a business phone number, which can be easy to procure since you can use it if you have a personal cell phone.


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