Startup Home Massage Business

How often have we heard a colleague or an officemate say she scheduled a massage session this afternoon to relax her nerves? Massages have been accepted as a practice that relaxes the stiff muscles, promote circulation and relieve stress.

This business guideline will certainly set you on the right track.

Enroll at a massage training program

Participating in the massage industry pays more lessons than just relaxing massages. It also takes learning the rational behind the twisting and turning you do to your clients. Learn how circulation works in the body and pressure points. Also decide on what type of massage technique you would want to focus on and learn. There are several massaging techniques like the Indian head massage, Swedish, foot reflexology, and Thai. I’m sure there are many more. Enroll on courses that elaborate on such massaging styles.

Get experience and practice

Before beginning to even think of starting your own massage business, consider working for someone else’s business first to help you develop that touch. You need to practice, practice and practice your skills. You also need to learn the ins and outs of running a massage business. This way you get first hand exposure on how an owner will operate such a business. Try to work at the different sides of the business like cashiering, advertising, customer relations and not only the massaging role.

Get a home massage license

Visit your Country Clerk’s Office to determine the needed permits and legal papers to operate massage from home.

Plan your in-home renovations

Hire a contractor and review your home massaging business ideas with him. Discuss your concerns and needs so that he/she can plan out adequate spacing and offer suggestions that can help you. Once you have agreed on a definite plan, have the renovations done. Have adequate spacing for your massage beds as well an area for clothing and hot baths. Inquire about separate metering for your electricity and water expenses. This way you don’t mix your in home expenses with your business expenses.

Purchase other tools you can use in your startup home massage biz

Invest on towels, bathrobes, as well as different oils. Buy scented candles and comfortable sitting chairs for your customers. Invest on a sound system to help you create the ambiance and create a soothing mood for relaxation. Use relaxing colors for your wall paper and curtains.

Do home visits for regular massage clients

Offer an extra business service by doing home visits for regular clients. Get ahead of other competitor home massage business by going the extra mile.

Develop a brochure for your home massage advertising needs

Hire a graphic designer to help you develop a presentable and sharp business brochure. Invest on good quality paper and plan out the details you want to put in your brochure. Make sure there are no typos. Once that’s done, give these brochures in a systematical manner. Target nearby neighborhoods, offices, churches and organizations to distribute your home massage business brochures.


  • nook said on January 27, 2011
    I would like to do massage at my home..what else i need to have?..i already have certificate for massage..but i need anything else???..How much for that and How long i need time since i start i massage at home? thx so much, nook
  • ALMA L. KHO said on November 2, 2011
    I want to start a home service massage. I will finance my staff with her group. I need your help on how to start it properly.
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  • Barbara said on February 27, 2015
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