Start Indian Head Massage Business

Indian massage has been practiced for over 4000 years. Also known as “Champi”, this ancient Hindi method of head massage is based on alternative medicine principles. It said to release blocked energy that builds up in our bodies which later causes health problems.

Today, it is quickly becoming more and more popular and accepted in the Western world. This business guideline will give you pointers how to get started in this stress relieving business.

Take classes or volunteer in an apprenticeship program

Learn the different types of massage techniques used in Indian massage. Learn the history behind the massage you do as well as the governing theories on how it helps the body alleviate headaches, scalp tension and mental stress.

Find a base of operation

Business location is the key in staying ahead against other massage business competitors. Identify hot spots where in there’s circulation of people. Find a place in a mall or in areas where there are lots of offices or where people gather. Proximity is also important as well as high visibility. The nearer you are to such places the more likely they are to visit you. Normally in performing an Indian massage, all you need is simple chair with a client sitting on it and a place where it’s quite and relaxing. However if you fully furnish your establishment with a reception area and a waiting area on top of your rooms where you do your actually Indian massage, your establishment will attract more Indian massage clients. Controlling the furnishings will allow you to set the mood you want to create as well as create the right experience for your clients. Other environmental factors you can control are lightning and the ambient sound. Of course also consider buying other stuff for your office needs like a desk, a computer, a fax machine and an appointment book.

Apply for your Indian massage business license

Visit your County Clerk’s office for information regarding acquiring proper licensure. Identify state laws and regulations that govern such businesses. Then fill out the appropriate forms and settle the needed fees. While you are doing that also consider registering for a business name for your venture. Find a name that is in line with what you do. Have a logo designed for business too.

Hire additional help

A normal Indian massage takes about 25-30 minutes on average to finish. It’s wise to hire a couple of Indian massage therapists to assist you. Just imagine if a bunch of clients came for a lunch appointment during their lunch break time from work. You would have to work double time to accommodate them whereas you could easily service them if you had help. Make time your ally by leveraging yourself through other people. Make sure your hire female as well as male massage therapists.

Organize a grand opening day

Advertise your big day. Be creative and giveaway discounted promos for the first 20 clients. Use print ads to promote your opening day. Talk with several people of influence in your community to give a good word out for your establishment. Develop a package deal programs for corporate clients.


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