Starting a Children’s Fitness Camp

As children grow up, a small window of opportunity is open to plant good habit seeds. We want them to appreciate that value health early on their lives and hope that they will stay on it.

Sedentary lifestyle has certainly crept and invaded our homes. Unknowingly because of technology and comfort, children today could care less.

Fitness facilities are excellent business ventures to invest on. This business guideline will help you understand the importance of this business venture provides in respect to physical health for children.

Believe in the value of physical fitness

For many decades and endless studies, statistics show that regular physical exercises increase muscle strength, increased cardiovascular air and blood volume, as well as endurance. We all know that good health is directly related to regular physical exercise. Exercise also shows that it can improve one’s emotional disposition, as well as mental and not only limited to physical benefits. These benefits are not in anyway limited to adults only. Anyone can also gain the same benefits if you regularly exercise and that goes for children and adolescents too. However, despite of all the good stuff we get from exercise, only half of our youth today engage in regular physical exercise. The youth are becoming more sedentary.

Become a certified training instructor

Visit the website National Exercise Trainers Association and apply for a certification. As a fitness instructor you will be looked upon by your fitness clients as a role model and so would your client’s parents. Fitness begins with you.

Consider the needs of the children

Develop an exercise plan that focus on cardio exercises. Develop an exercise course that can be fun and enjoyable to children. Use exercises like jumping jacks, running and crawls. Modify exercise regimen if necessary depending on the age of your client and health condition.

Outdoor workout place

Consult with a real estate agent for possible locations you can convert into a fitness camp. With a lot of your own, you can develop parts of it for obstacle courses, swimming pools, as well as other sport activities like space for a basketball court or a baseball field. Have cabins for summer camp stays. Develop the environment around your facility for health awareness. However if purchasing such space would be too costly, then I suggest you inquire about a space you can rent like spots in the park or maybe gyms you can work a schedule with for your fitness camp.

Invest on physical fitness equipment

Purchase a couple of tools you can use to make the exercise regimen more interesting like ropes, balls, sacks for sack race, tires, jumping ropes, first aid kits and a lot more. Visit a sports shop and try to look at the items available in the shop. Use this as a memory jogger to help you with your equipment needs. Grab a pencil and make a list of what you need before buying. This way, you can plan your expenses.

Hire extra counselors

Hire people who love to work with children. Ask for qualification credentials and orient them regarding your camps rules and regulations.

Determine the pricing

Consider the pricing of other competitor children fitness camps. Set your pricing midrange.


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