Service Businesses to Start

Top Service Businesses

When you decide to start your own business, it's important to choose a business you will be comfortable. The range of business opportunities widely varies from various products and services. However, the trend today gears toward service businesses - from home contracting referral services to management consulting. These services represent assistance in saving consumer's money and time as well.

Top service business include having or managing an online presence, greening of existing products to care for the environment, doing direct selling, marketing public relations, performing a home inspection, focusing on customer service, or setting up kiosks and mini-stores.

As years go by, various options may catch your eye, you need to know the latest and hottest service businesses of all. Here is our list of service businesses that you might browse through to find the best one for yourself.

  • How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service?
    A profitable senior errand service is an excellent way of making a good profit while eliminating the stress on the lives of most seniors. This is also a one way of being the boss and working as little as one would like. Nevertheless, a few significant things need to be known first before starting the business in getting off to a good and smooth start.

  • How to Start a Corporate Massage Business?
    Starting a corporate massage business may not be easy, but it's not completely impossible. While there are no overnight methods to starting a business, there are certain steps that will help you attract clients and achieve success.

  • Start an Independent Contractor Business
    When you are working as an independent contractor, you are completely relying on your talent, hard work and networking skills. You can work for other people as an independent contractor or build a business entity, such as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. Both options have their own shares of pros as well as cons.

  • Starting a Rep Agency
    In case you are good in selling but you want to set your own hours and select the products that you want to offer, starting a rep agency is probably the finest business for you.

  • Starting a Home Attendant Agency
    If you are planning to establish a business while helping other people, then starting up a home attendant agency can be an excellent option.

  • How to Start a Rice Dealership
    Rice is one of the basic commodities that people purchase every day. If you are looking for possible source of income under this venture, you need to know the information on how to start a rice dealership business.

  • Starting a Virtual Travel Agency
    Because of the development of the internet, it would now be easy for customers from all over the world to get access to travel agency services.

  • Starting a Local Advertising Agency
    Starting a local advertising agency can be one of the best businesses you can try. If managed properly, this can offer you high sources of income.

  • Starting an Extras Agency
    Establishing your own extras agency requires enough capital, money and effort. Its success can be acquired up to its peak point.

  • Starting an Early Intervention Agency
    Starting an early intervention agency is one of the best decisions you could ever make. In this business, you must give special attention and support to kids with special needs.

  • Selling Service over the Phone
    Selling service using the phone has been used by most of businessmen for more than a decade now.

  • How to Write an Invoice for Services
    If you are planning to build an invoice service business, the first thing you should do is to have knowledge about how to write an invoice services.

  • Domestic Deep Cleaning Services
    Domestic deep cleaning is a tough work as it needs to be done thoroughly in all corners of the house. Basically, all homes need to be cleaned, from furnishings and even on windows. There are some people who could not do the cleaning for themselves because they don’t have any time to do so.

  • Start a Packing and Loading Services Business
    People are usually looking for the alternative or sometimes, the primary source of income for their family. There are lots of businesses to try. One of the best ventures to engage in is packing and loading services business.

  • How to Run a Plumbing Service Business
    After acquiring the permits and licenses needed to run a business legally and already purchased the equipment and tools that you need. It is not time for you to concentrate on how you can operate your plumbing service business.

  • Lawn Mowing Service Prices
    By making other lawn beautiful, you can also make yourself profitable by pricing a lawn mowing services that must be reasonable and at the same time competitive.

  • Trailers for Food Service Business
    There is an easy way to make money right now and that is through the trailers. You will surely make green bills especially if you use these trailers for a food service business.

  • Home Help Services for the Elderly
    The increase in the demand for people who will take care of the elderly population especially in United States is felt. This occurrence is a nice opportunity for some who are looking for their possible source of income.

  • How to Start Booking Agency
    Concerts are very popular these days and without a doubt, one can make more money out of it. That is the reason why booking agencies are already thriving.

  • How to Write a Service Proposal
    If you are planning to make a service proposal, start by collecting useful information. Earn profit, save money and time by making a good service plan.

  • How to Find a Talent Agency
    Are you looking for a talent agent so you can make auditions for your talent but you’re having hard time in finding a talent agency at this moment?

  • How to Write a Service Agreement
    Written agreement serves as legal binding documents that identify the obligations of the parties involved. The agreement is indisputable because of the terms and conditions as well as the laws governing the agreement.

  • How to Open a Travel Agency
    Are you fond of meeting new people, making friends with other races, enjoys the job of a tour guide and it comes to your mind opening a travel agency of your own?

  • How Do Movie Theaters Work
    Before movie theaters can show the film, they should negotiate first the right to the distributors. The distributors work in behalf of larger studio.

  • Marketing Your Service Business
    It is said that there is not a week that pass by in the life of Americans when they do not seek service of any kind. Though this is good news for any service business, the competition is stiff.

  • How to Start a Cleaning Services
    Starting a cleaning service is another way of earning good income. This type of business only depends on your dedication and right people with the right equipment to do the cleaning job.

  • How to Transfer Property Deed
    In this article, you will learn the essentials of a property deed and knowing the entire process behind the occurrence of a transfer.

  • What Is Internal Customer Service
    A company normally conducts its business with the external costumer. That is the source of revenue or income to the company or business. But a recent business phrase has been causing a lot of noise in the business scene, the internal costumer service. What is an internal customer service and how will it turn your business from good to great?

  • List of Business Services
    People would dream of starting their own small business. But, you should know the importance of contemplating and planning well things before you even start operating your business.

  • How to Start a Tutoring Service
    To start your own tutoring service is considered a simple and small business that will not make you spend so much on start up.

  • How to Start a Transportation Business
    A transportation business is a lucrative business when established in a strategic location. Although starting this kind of business is a little bit daunting yet you will reap the rewards in the end.

  • Starting a Residential Cleaning Business
    When you have a small amount of capital on hand and you have the thumb for neatness and cleanliness, then this business is suitably right for you. In starting a residential cleaning business, you can be the instant solution for messy households with problematic residents.

  • How to Start a Life Coaching Business
    Are you intending of starting a life coaching business and you’re looking for the best ways on how to start this rewarding business with less worries?

  • How to Start a Portable Toilet Business
    The call of nature is something that is very inevitable among human beings because it is a daily part of life. But what if people are on a place where there are no toilets, would they still survive?

  • How to Start a Pool Service Business
    Lots of time needs to be consumed when it comes to maintain the cleanliness of hot tubs, spas and swimming pools. You will be able to earn lots of money if you will venture into the pool service business since they can be found at schools, health clubs, motels and hotels and private homes.

  • How to Start a Photo Editing Business
    Is photography your passion? Then you can make use of that in order for you to make more money through venturing into the photo editing business.

  • Starting a Maid Business
    A maid, or a house help can be a significant person in a household.

  • Starting a Fencing Business
    This article shares to you the most important parts of starting your own fencing business without any hassle. It is true that every business endeavor to start with is a challenge but if you will apply the right steps and procedures, everything can go smoothly well, regardless of what kind of company you are trying to put up.

  • How to Start a Customer Service Business
    Starting a new customer service business is not anymore a difficult endeavor as there are lots of telecommunications options and new software. The good thing is that these options are revolutionizing the industry.

  • Starting an Answering Service Business
    Do you think that technology can answer all human problems? Yes, technology is a great necessity nowadays but do you want it to take control of almost everything? It is a sad fact to think that humans will just be dominated or outshone by technology. In the communication aspect, of course it is more preferable for a human being to answer your queries, instead of an answering machine doing the job for you.

  • How to Start a Lawn Cutting Business
    If you want to start a lawn cutting business, you have to know the good and bad points first. This will help you in making the right decision. Create a business plan and be sure to implement it.

  • Starting a Locksmith Business
    If you want to start a locksmith business, you have to learn everything about the traditional locksmith basics and of course, you also have to focus on the modern trends in security systems.

  • Starting Public Transport Business
    If you want to start a public transport business, you should first study the market. Determine the local competition and find out what their weaknesses are. You can use this information to become your strength.

  • How to Start a Valet Parking Business
    There is only one ingredient in being successful in valet parking business: this is love for cars. As a businessman working in this field, you must have basic knowledge of car models and how to drive them.

  • Starting a Motorcycle Courier Business
    If you know how to ride motorcycles and you have enough capital to start a new business, you can open your own courier business. This will allow you to earn money to deliveries made within your city or nearby places.

  • Starting a Car Recovery Business
    The obvious advantage of a car is that it can get you from point A to point B or let you experience cruising around the city road. But one way or another, your car will someday suffer a breakdown in the middle of the road of street.

  • How to Start a Motorcycle Detailing Business
    If you want to start a motorcycle detailing business, you must begin with a plan. Learn the basics of detailing and make sure that you provide exceptional service all the time.

  • How to Start a Professional Organizer Business
    Professional organizer business can be very benefitting over time. If you have excellent organization skills and would love to have your own business, then becoming a professional organizer can be the best job for you.

  • Starting Service Contract Business
    If you want to start a service contract business, this is your chance to provide exceptional and quality services. You should have adequate knowledge about service contracts and how to draft them. Settle all legal requirements to avoid problems in the future.

  • Starting a Sewing Business
    If you want to start a sewing business, you can do this from home. Still, there is a need to inquire about the legal requirements and zoning laws to avoid potential problems. Purchase the needed equipment and supplies.

  • Starting a Transcription Business
    Transcription business is not really a difficult business to operate and it does need a lot of learning to make it a successful.

  • Starting a Translation Business
    Planning and the importance of hiring worthy employees is the key to every entrepreneur success.

  • Starting a Tree Removal Business
    If you want to start a tree removal business, you will need to secure the needed certifications. After that, you can create a business plan to serve as your guide during startup. Get the licenses, permits, and choose a business structure.

  • How to Start an Income Tax Business
    If you want to earn great profits, you can start an income tax business. Your primary service is to offer preparation services during tax time. You have to pick the ideal business structure to get adequate capital. It’s up to you whether you will lease out office space or you start with a home-based business.

  • Starting a Video Editing Business
    If you love to edit raw footages, you can put your skills to good use by starting your own video editing business. If zoning requirements does not apply, you can open a home business. Secure a license and begin with the advertising.

  • Starting Your Janitorial Business
    If you want to start a janitorial business, you should possess the right attitude, knowledge, and skills. You should begin with a solid plan that will serve as your guide in accomplishing the various aspects of the business.

  • Starting a Spray Tan Business
    Spray tanning business is one of the most-sought after business especially by those people who are particular with their appearance and color. Not only that, it is also looked up by those people who are cautious with what they need to do to improve themselves.

  • Starting a Tourism Business
    It would be easy to start a tourism business if you are familiar to the place where you plan to establish it.

  • Start a Cruise Business
    Starting a cruise travel agency is giving the opportunity for your customers to experience the luxury of the perfect cruise which is fun and relaxing and most importantly, hassle free!

  • Start Your Own Travel Business
    People nowadays cannot be bothered with going through the hassles of planning a trip.

  • Start a Residential Painting Business
    Do you take pleasure in painting? What are the things you will need before you can start a residential painting business?

  • Starting a Office Cleaning Business
    If you want to start an office cleaning business, there is a need to possess the right skills and knowledge. Create a plan that you can use during startup and from there, you can now secure the licenses or permits.

  • Starting a Car Service Business
    If you want to start a car service business, you will need to start with a great plan. This is your ticket to success and funding. This type of business is quite costly to organize but you can secure the needed capital through the use of the plan.

  • Starting a Pool Cleaning Business
    Starting a pool cleaning service business is ideal for individuals who wish to start their own business especially in places where there are a lot of pools. Knowledge in pools is also recommended to gain an advantage.

  • Running a Ski Chalet Business
    If you want to run a ski chalet business with ease, you need to posses adequate knowledge, passion, and drive. When you know the different aspects of the chalet business, you can decide on the most important things instantly.

  • Starting a Door to Door Shuttle Service
    Door to door shuttle services are those which offer rides from the customer's residence, office, or his place of origin to a particular destination. This certain shuttle service is very profitable since most people avoid the burdens of going to a bus stop or departure area as well as finding and paying parking lots.

  • Start a Secretarial Services Business
    If you want to start a secretarial services business, you will have to gain the right skills, knowledge, and experience. With these things, you can now start a business. Determine the most effective advertising methods and promote your business locally or online.

  • Starting a Doctor Answering Service Business
    What is a doctor answering service business? What are the things you will need to start this kind of business?

  • How to Value a Service Business
    If you want to buy or sell a service business, it is important that you’re familiar with the different valuation methods that you can use like asset valuation, liquidation value, income capitalization, income multiple, and Rules of Thumb.

  • Start a Marine Transport Service
    If you want to start a marine transport service business, you have to make sure that you possess relevant knowledge and experience, passion for the industry, and a well planned action.

  • Starting a Bomb Disposal Service
    Bomb disposal services are a hazardous business which requires plenty of skill and experience. The experts are trained to render a potentially dangerous explosive device, safe.

  • Start a Business Card Printing Service
    Do you have experience in advertising and you have a talent in conceptualizing? Do you have the artistry to transform ideas into interesting visuals?

  • Starting a Security Guard Patrol Service Business
    The steps to starting a security guard patrol service business are what you need to know if you wish to open such business.

  • Starting a Full Service Ad Agency
    If you want to start a full service ad agency, you have to work on a business plan. This will be your roadmap to success. Work out your portfolio and find an ideal location for the business.

  • Blind Cleaning Service Business
    If you want to start a blind cleaning service business, you will have to create a business plan. Since this business requires considerable capital for the cleaning machine, you can apply for a business loan.

  • Start Your Own Birth Announcement Services Business
    If you want to start a birth announcement services business, you should begin with a business plan. You will need to prepare $2,000 to $10,000 for the starting capital. With proper management, you will surely succeed in your business.

  • Starting a Blueprint Printing Services Business
    If you want to start a blueprint printing services business, you will need to know a great deal about blueprint printing.

  • Starting a Bill Payer Service Business
    If you are starting a bill payer service business, you can use this article as a guide. You should be aware that you are going to face a tough competition so you will need to exert extra efforts in your advertising.

  • Start a Security Training Business
    Though there are countless business opportunities, the one that remains unique is the security training business. Your business will have increased attention due to the demand for security personnel everywhere. Have the right approach and the perfect time to begin earning good profits.

  • How to Start Freight Audit Services Business
    Different approaches are applied by companies in the auditing related issues. When the issue is of freight auditing companies take careful step. One planning to start freight audit services business must understand the nature of this business. You can be approached for such outsourcing works.

  • How to Start Financial Reporting Services Business
    With the focus on equipping businesses with better management control, proof credit worthiness and tax reports support, financial reporting services business is indeed a good business to invest in.

  • Start an Auditing and Assurance Services Business
    To start an auditing and assurance services business requires you to have a professional help.

  • Start Your Own Modeling Agency Business
    Work with beautiful faces and earn big bucks by starting your own modeling agency business now!

  • How to Start a Law Firm Business
    Here you can find the perfect advices on how you can successfully start and run your own law firm business. You will also learn how to start a law firm business with partners and by using the Internet.

  • Starting a Water Heater Installation Service Business
    Every household needs a water heater for their hot shower, dishwasher or other appliances. Water heaters are bound to wear out and need to be replaced.

  • Open an Office Network Installation Service Business
    With the fast growing world in technologies, one company needs to keep its pace to tag along the new improvements and stay within the area of their industry and be competitive.

  • Generator Installation Service Business
    Numerous factors are involved in establishing generator installation services. Major focus is arranging items needed for this purpose of which electric portable units are important.

  • Scouting for Talents and Capable Employees
    For small-scale and start-up companies, hiring workers with skills and talents applicable for a job may not be easy especially when major corporations and business giants are offering higher salary and other benefits.

  • Start Your Own Talent Search Agency
    Aspiring actors and artists always look for the much-coveted “break” that will bring them to stardom or a series of projects, gigs or albums at the least. A talent search agency can be a big instrument in helping them get their next big break. Learn more how you can start your own talent search agency and maybe find the next Brad Pitt!

  • Gas and Water Line Installation Service Business
    Are you thinking of starting a business in the plumbing industry, especially in installing gas and water lines?

  • Domain Naming Service Business
    Domain naming is becoming increasingly challenging as more and more people are creating a presence on the Web. One online business that you can start, therefore, is in line with helping people come up with the right and available domain names for their businesses.

  • Car Security and Audio Equipment Business
    If you are curious to know some facts about car security and audio equipment, read on. We have ideas that might help you answer some of your questions on car security and entertainment.

  • How to Start a Children's Cookery Party Organizing Business
    Teaching children how to cook in an organized manner can be so fulfilling once you helped them accomplish the food product they want to create.

  • Carpet Installation Business Guide
    Perhaps you wish to start one, but you don’t know how to make installer carpets a business. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. With our article, it won’t be long before you start on your way to starting and managing your very own carpet installation service and earning money placing carpets on someone’s office or home.

  • Art Restoration Services Business
    Starting your own art restoration services business can be a profitable venture if you know ahead of time what to do and are equipped with the necessary tools, skills and business contacts. It’s the perfect business alternative for art lovers as well as artists.

  • Startup Auditing Business
    Are you quite clueless in starting your own auditing business that even if you think you have the right skills and the determination to succeed, you still find yourself quite apprehensive to start this kind of business since you know from your heart that this means big responsibility on your part?

  • Starting Archaeological Services
    When talking about archaeological services, we often think of scientist wearing old clothes and hat preparing to dust of dirt under the extreme heat sun with a paintbrush on their hand. This maybe true but these are not the only things that they do. And in fact they contribute so much in our education that we can call them historic gurus.

  • Starting Ambulatory Service
    Ambulatory services today are needed more than ever. With the fast pace and busy life styles that we have, combined with the population overload and with the complexities of the aging baby boomer generation, why accidents and emergencies are bound to happen by the hundreds everyday if not more.

  • Starting an Accidental Reconstruction Service
    Testing equipment like vehicles to explore or satisfy ones hypothesis, product testing and analysis, and developing demonstrative exhibits are few job descriptions that portray an accidental reconstruction services.

  • How to Start Acoustics Services
    The acoustics industry is truly huge and untapped. Several businesses today are in need of a good quality servicing. If you feel that it is your calling, then this business guideline will help you get started on this profitable venture.

  • Starting a Hypnotherapist Business
    Many people resort to hypnotherapy for some medical issues like when one wants to lose weight, or to stop smoking, but have not succeeded after many tries. When they consult their doctors, the latter may recommend that they see a hypnotherapist on their weight or smoking problem.

  • How to Start a Honeymoon Coordinator Business
    A honeymoon is a bond strengthening activity for both husband and wife. It’s a chance to get away without interruptions. It’s also a great way to not only promote strong marriages but it is also a promising business venture to go into.

  • Choosing VOIP Service for Small Business
    Here are a couple of tips on how to choose VOIP service for business which will work best for you: one, know your budget, or how much exactly are you willing to spend on communication bills; and two, seek a VoIP company with great customer and technical service.