Starting a Tree Removal Business

If you want to start a tree removal business, you will need to secure the needed certifications. After that, you can create a business plan to serve as your guide during startup. Get the licenses, permits, and choose a business structure.

You need to use the right advertising methods to promote the business.

Are you not afraid of heights? Do you have the skills of an expert in tree removal? If your answer is yes, you can start your own tree removal business. Getting rid of a tree is a hot issue in some places. There are special permits that should be obtained, as well as licenses. Still, if you think that you possess knowledge and experience in this field, you may be able to succeed. You will not only be catering to the needs of businesses but also to homeowners.

Opening Your Own Tree Removal Business

The first thing you need to do is get adequate training. This will not only ensure the success of your business, but your safety as well. Potential clients will know that you’re responsible and serious. Having a certificate in handling chainsaws can also put you at an advantage. Consult with the International Society of Arboriculture and learn how to get a certification as a climber specialist or tree worker. Removing trees can be dangerous and accidents can happen any time. Once you have the certifications, you can now work on the paperwork. To run a legit business, you will need to consult a lawyer.

With the help of a competent lawyer, you can decide on the business structure. You also have to secure the needed licenses and permits. Make sure that you comply with all the local laws and don’t forget to purchase insurance. If you don’t have enough capital, you can apply for a business loan. You need to find a supplier of the needed equipment like saddles, large saw, chainsaw, spurs, spurs, dynamic/static ropes, and many others. Check out garden centers in your area and meet potential clients. You can meet with the owners and ask if you can be referred to customers. You can pass on to business cards friends and family members to help with the promotions.

You can work with contractors in your area and utility companies. You can subcontract tree removal for them and when you have a project, make sure that you provide the best services. Establish the price for your service is very important. Don’t overcharge and just ask for the right amount in exchange for your services. You will also need a good location for the business office although it might be possible to start with a home-based office. Just have a separate phone line for the business and you can run it with ease. On the opening, you can offer special promos to attract new customers.


  • Tiyani Benjamin ngobz said on September 28, 2016
    I'm Benjamin from south africa in Limpopo province at Giyani section A. I want to start a trees cutting business in my area, so I'm asking advice on how to get donation on equipment and where to get funding to create a jobs opportunities to my community. I will be thankfully for your valuable suggestions or feedback. Contact no :0768808882 /0711056885
  • Robertson Makhonza said on August 13, 2021
    Hi, I am Robert from the Kingsburgh area south of Amanzimtoti ( Durban Kzn ). I want to start a Tree Removal business and may appreciate getting advice from any good Samaritans on how to go through the process to create jobs in my area. The advice should include getting donations for the related equipment and possibly funding sources. Contact no: 0836654366 Thank you


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